#BeerMaW Entry Two – Mounted Skald

Having taken a week off for vacation, I returned to do a quick and dirty paint job on this old Wight King model from GW. In game terms, I am using it as a mounted Skald. It will be part of the Varangur allies to go alongside my Undead. This was the last model needed for Lady of the Lake – I will be flying to Minnesota on Friday!

I’m not a big fan of this model, nor the paint job I gave it. The shield was painted years ago for one of my Skeleton units. It broke off the Skeleton so I decided to repurpose it here.


#BeerMaW Entry One – Mounted Necromancer

If you haven’t heard about this yet, the Beer Phase podcast launched a “Model a Week” painting challenge. The challenge is obviously designed to help gamers stay on track with their painting, but it also places a special emphasis on models that have been neglected for years and years. The challenge kicked off this month, and people are tagging their entries with #BeerMaW on social media. Check out the introduction video here.

This is certainly an old model, but not one that has been collecting dust. I added a Mounted Necromancer to my list for Lady of the Lake, and did not own a model. Although GW makes a great plastic Necromancer on foot that was released several years back, they haven’t updated the mounted version in over a decade. And it shows.

I picked this guy up on Chaos Orc Superstore and was fascinated/horrified with him. It took pliers and pins to put this model together (the Necro is two metal pieces while the horse is four plastic pieces). I certainly did not paint him to the best of my ability, as I wanted to keep him consistent with my Undead army (the earliest models for which I painted in 2006 or 2007).

Behold, the dread Necromancer Eorlich von Thunderthighs:

A keen observer will notice some white spots on the model (click to enlarge the third picture and you’ll see what I mean). These were the unfortunate result of varnishing on humid day. 🙁


Lady of the Lake GT – Individual Miniature Painting Contest

I am super excited to be attending the Lady of the Lake GT this July in Duluth, Minnesota. Lady of the Lake is a 2200 point Kings of War GT with lots of unique features, one of which is an Individual Miniature Painting Contest.

Individual Miniature Painting Contest

We will be holding a separate individual model painting contest.

A model entered into this contest MUST be a model that is NOT a part of your army used in the tournament. The model will be displayed for the duration of the tournament and must be turned in to the TO at the time of registration. The model must be a “fantasy” themed model, but can be produced by any manufacturer.

Points will be awarded for overall look, cleanness of painting, basing, converting, shading, details, etcetera.

2 GT tournament points will be awarded for participating in this contest.

A large plaque will be awarded to the winner and a small plaque will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place.

As my school year is coming to a close, I am starting to have more free time to dedicate to hobby projects. To kick things off I decided to paint up my entry to the contest. I selected one of my favorite models of all time, an Age of Sigmar Warden King sculpted several years back by Juan Diaz. This model will be easy to transport (I am flying to the event) and it can also be used in my Forces of Order army for Age of Sigmar Skirmish (which I am fairly keen on these days).

If you’ve listened to Episode 9 of Unplugged Radio, you’ll know that I have a side competition going with Jake to see whose model places higher in the event. I may be showing my hand a bit early by posting pictures, but I’d like to think of it as setting the bar high for him. 😉

As always, feedback is appreciated.


2017 UPGT – Tickets on sale

The players pack is ready (pretty much the same as last year) and tickets are now available for purchase over at the 2017 UPGT site.

Our goal is to use the 2017 Clash of Kings rules under the assumption they will be out soon (whatever that means) and well before our event.

The event will remain the same price as it has in years past at $75, which includes lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.  We do this as a service to the players because getting food at our venue is either difficult or expensive due to the location.  Given the meals are included, I think it’s a good value!

This year we are taking the plunge and moving to gaming mats instead of textured tables.  It seems that mats are the way of the future and we want to be on top of that trend.  Not only are they nice to play on since the units slide easily, but we’ve been able to get some custom UPGT mats that will be available for sale at the event, and also some will be given out as prizes.  We are very excited to see how this plays out!

And last, this is our 5th anniversary.  So much has happened since the Unplugged Gamers became a thing and we’re happy to reach this milestone still going strong.  Come celebrate with us!

Kings of War Campaign – Week Eight

The eighth week of the campaign represented the last regular campaign turn. It was a mad scramble to claim last minute shards and experience points. The players did not know what would be in store for them the following week, but knew with a desperate certainty that they would need all the help they could get!


On the outskirts of the Hunter’s Wood, the Abyssal Dwarfs and Elves fought with reckless abandon. In the end, Ar’noth prevailed. He strode victorious into the heart of the Wood, where the Green Lady gifted him with a shard of the Fenulian Mirror for his bravery.



Perhaps it was madness that drove him to it, but Istvaan once again led his Ogres into the harsh sands of the Hadross Desert. There, he was forced into brutal conflict with the Abyssals who, under the cruel leadership of Apollyon, proved too difficult to defeat. In the wake of the battle, however, Istvaan abandoned his kin and roamed the desert, spying the telltale glint of a shard of the Fenulian Mirror poking out from beneath the dunes.



On the main crossroads of Valundar, the Undead waged war against the Rhordians. The fight was cagey, with each General making careful, calculated moves. The resultant draw left both Generals free to explore the territory, and each General discovered one of the precious few remaining shards of the Fenulian Mirror.



Last, but certainly not least, the Forces of Nature stormed the Goblin Hills in the Northeastern corner of Valundar. The cunningly cruel Goblins put up a hasty yet vicious defense of their homeland. In the end, Lord Adular took their leader captive and forced him to lead the way through the tunnels to the fabled Goblin treasure hoard. In the end, Adular recovered an impressive three shards of the Fenulian Mirror, among other loot.




When the dust settled, the standings were as follows:

Jon, Peyton, Keith – 5
Chris, Jim – 4
Scott – 3
Kevin – 0

Tomorrow marks the final campaign turn, in which the Generals will be forced into an epic struggle to determine the future of Valundar, and perhaps even Mantica itself! Stay tuned for updates!


Kings of War Campaign – Week Seven

The seventh week of the campaign was perhaps the most exciting yet, with many Generals walking away from the turn with upgraded units and newly discovered (or stolen) shards of the Fenulian Mirror. This was also the first week that EVERYONE was in attendance!


Lord Ar’noth and the Elves ventured into the Goblin Hills to challenge Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg and the Rhordians. The fighting was fierce, and the casualties were many. Much to his dismay, Ar’noth could not “win one for the Gipper.” As he prepared to swoop in on his mighty Dragon and claim an objective (thereby securing a draw), he was shot in the back by the Goblins, waivered, and lost the battle. In the aftermath, Lord Baranabus received a shard of the Fenulian Mirror from exploring the Goblin Hills. It seems an unlikely friendship may have formed between the two short-statured races.



Istvaan and the Ogres headed up to the Northern Plains of Valundar to challenge Lord Adular and the Forces of Nature. The Unicorn commander put up a valiant fight, but in the end was forced to retreat as the Ogres relentlessly crashed into his defenses. Istvaan went on to explore the only known human settlement on the island, threatening the Stablemaster into giving him two shards of the Fenulian Mirror, and then promptly eating him.




Further South, the Abyssals finally came to blows with the Abyssal Dwarves. Once thought to be coordinating their campaigns in Valundar, the two mighty armies clashed with the force of a hammer blow on a red hot forge. The battle was tense, with both sides gaining the advantage only to have it taken away time and again. In the end, Apollyon reigned victorious, stealing a shard of the Fenulian Mirror from Hazdra’khan for his impudence.



To the East, Long Toof da Blood Drinka found his Undead army ambushed by the native Goblin tribes. Springing forth from the tunnels originally constructed by Halflings, the Goblins proved only a minor annoyance. The disciplined ranks of Undead responded with emotionless efficiency, spilling Goblin blood across the countryside. Long Toof himself slaughtered a pack of ravenous Maw Beasts and found a shard of the Fenulian Mirror that had been swallowed by one of the brutish creatures.

The current standings are:

Jon – 5
Peyton, Keith – 4
Jim – 3
Chris – 2
Kevin, Scott – 0

Tomorrow will be the last NORMAL day of the campaign!


Kings of War Campaign – Week Five

The intensity was turned up as the campaign entered its fifth week. Lord Commander Adular and the Forces of Nature reemerged from the mists, striking at the Undead with newfound purpose. Inspired by their first victory, Ar’noth guided his Elves to set an ambush for the unsuspecting Rhordians. Meanwhile, both Hazdra’Khan and Istvaan attempted to lead their armies to the peninsula, and so were forced into conflict upon the hot sands of the Hadross Desert.


The Forces of Nature quickly advanced across the battlefield, only to hastily retreat in the face of Long Toof’s might. What appeared to be indecision and foolishness on the part of the Forces of Nature turned out to be the tactical brilliance of Lord Commander Adular. The Forest Shamblers, Tree Herders, Griffon, and Owlbear launched coordinated strikes that ground the Undead bones to dust. Long Toof da Blood Drinka was forced to cut his losses and retreat to the safety of his warship, confident that his practitioners of the dark arts could rebuild his Undead legion over time.







Elsewhere, the Elves cut down the Rhordians with cold efficiency. Arrows rained down across the battlefield, finding purchase in the exposed flesh of the heavily armoured Rhordians with unnerving accuracy. Early on, Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg was forced to abandon the battlefield after suffering a rather painful broken wrist. In the end, only Lord Reginald, the aged Rhordian wizard, was left standing. He slunk away with his head held high. In the wake of his second victory, Ar’noth was gifted with a shard of the Fenulian Mirror by the spirit of Elithanora herself. She must have seen purity within his soul.



The harsh conditions of the desert took a severe toll on the Abyssal Dwarves, as their heavy armour burdened them and their automatons struggled to trek across the sand. The Ogres, meanwhile, were used to dealing with extreme climate and pressed their advantage. As the Abyssal Dwarves fled the desert, Istvaan became obsessed with finding the fabled oasis. He struck out on his own and wandered for days. He was eventually discovered by his fellow Ogres, huddled in the fetal position, running a terrible fever, and muttering incoherently to himself. Although he was nursed back to health, it is rumored that his mind simply “isn’t all there.”



The current standings are:

Peyton – 3
Jon, Keith, Jim – 2
Kevin – 1
Chris, Scott – 0

Looking forward to Week Six!