Lady of the Lake GT – Individual Miniature Painting Contest

I am super excited to be attending the Lady of the Lake GT this July in Duluth, Minnesota. Lady of the Lake is a 2200 point Kings of War GT with lots of unique features, one of which is an Individual Miniature Painting Contest.

Individual Miniature Painting Contest

We will be holding a separate individual model painting contest.

A model entered into this contest MUST be a model that is NOT a part of your army used in the tournament. The model will be displayed for the duration of the tournament and must be turned in to the TO at the time of registration. The model must be a “fantasy” themed model, but can be produced by any manufacturer.

Points will be awarded for overall look, cleanness of painting, basing, converting, shading, details, etcetera.

2 GT tournament points will be awarded for participating in this contest.

A large plaque will be awarded to the winner and a small plaque will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place.

As my school year is coming to a close, I am starting to have more free time to dedicate to hobby projects. To kick things off I decided to paint up my entry to the contest. I selected one of my favorite models of all time, an Age of Sigmar Warden King sculpted several years back by Juan Diaz. This model will be easy to transport (I am flying to the event) and it can also be used in my Forces of Order army for Age of Sigmar Skirmish (which I am fairly keen on these days).

If you’ve listened to Episode 9 of Unplugged Radio, you’ll know that I have a side competition going with Jake to see whose model places higher in the event. I may be showing my hand a bit early by posting pictures, but I’d like to think of it as setting the bar high for him. 😉

As always, feedback is appreciated.


AOS Chaos Dwarves

Hey All,

I am starting to paint up an army of evil stunties for the Holy Wars GT in February! I am using the sweet/horrible old Big Hat Chaos Dwarf models with a very Scorpion Green heavy paint scheme.

So far I’ve assembled a 20 pool choice list (using Clash of Swords Comp):
– Bull Centaur Taur’uk
– 2 Daemonsmiths
– Infernal Guard BSB

-10 Infernal Guard Ironsworn
-10 Infernal Guard Fireglaives
-15 (Hob)Goblins
-6 Bull Centaur Renders

-2 Deathshrieker Rocket Launchers
-Dreadquake Mortar


The painting is going slowly, but I have “finished” 5 Infernal Guard Fireglaives (still need to varnish, add gloss varnish and flock the bases).




Let me know what you think,


Age of Sigmar, Nurgle Project: Shaggoth and new Monster WIP

Hey guys,

Here are some updates on the Nurgle Army that I am painting for the Holy Wars GT, in February, 2016. This will be my first AOS tournament, and so I am painting up a new army (blinged out with round bases and a handful of Forgeworld models). Below are some photos of my Shaggoth, which is nearly complete (I plan to redo the color of the bone, because I hate it) and my Great Unclean One, which is nowhere near complete. The Great Unclean One is a Forgeworld model from the Horus Heresy range. I decided to use him as a proxy because the old Papa Nurgle model is starting to show his age. The WIP pics show a model that is just assembled. Next up, I have to fill the gaps and then start painting him. Any guesses as to how long he will take to paint? (Hint: I will be shocked if it takes less than 40 hours)


IMG_2316 IMG_2317 IMG_2319 IMG_2309 IMG_2310 IMG_2313 IMG_2314 IMG_2315