Conflict GT – Round 2

After coming off a victory in Round 1, I was feeling pretty good. My first GT, and I won my first game. Alright!

I waltz up to the table and am greeted with another dwarf player. 2 in a row? Well, at least that bodes well for my lack of magic defense.

His list looked like this:
Runelord, Anvil of Doom, Rune of Speed, Rune of Stone, Spelleater Rune

Thane BSB, Master rune of flight, master rune of gromril, rune of the furnace

40 Warriors, full command, great weapons, heavy armor
25 warriors, standard+muso, heavy armor, shield
25 warriors, standard+muso, heavy armor, shield

24 Miners, full command, steam drill
15 hammerers, full command, run of battle, shields
Grudge Thrower, rune of accuracy, rune of penetrating
cannon, rune of accuracy, rune of penetrating

Organ Gun

Well, actually that is almost his list. I can’t tell you what he really took, because the copy of the list he showed me at the beginning of the game wasn’t the right one. ok . . . this is going well so far.

The scenario is meeting engagement. Except all units start on the table, so it’s a little bit tamer than the Base Rulebooks version. I win the dice off for deploying first, so I choose a side. I should make a note at this point that terrain generation was kind of random. Go back and forth dropping the pieces, scattering them 3d6″. Fine I guess for a method. I’ll make more comments about the terrain at the end in the recap.

I drop my entire army, careful not to concentrate it too hard in any one spot since I don’t know where he will deploy yet. I figure Skaven are fast enough to re-deploy to an extent, so I can still get where I need to be.
My opponent does an excellent job of completley blocking my scouts. He sets up the anvil and his war machines into a 12″ web that completely blocks not only the backfield, but his entire deployment zone. well done, first time anyone has ever done that to me.

Going from my experience in game 1, I try to avoid the units and wear them down similar to what I did last time. I was not interested in fighting the 40 great weapon wielding horde formation with the BSB in it. Unfortunately for me, my weapons all FAILED this game. Just about every single one missed or blew up on me. Oh well, that’s how it goes with Skaven right? In turn 2, I take a cannonball to the face of the abomination. This is the point where I found out that he gave me the wrong list. Apparently, that cannon was supposed to be flaming. Great, dead abom. Anyway, over the course of the game I threw unit after unit into that dwarf horde. I never once charged it in the front – I think I flanked it 3 times. Each time, it beat me and reformed. Even the 36 Clanrats with Bonebreaker + Warlord couldn’t take it down. So that was frustrating. In the meantime, the artillery chewed me up and lets just say I almost got tabled in this game.

Looking back on it, that scenario was REALLY good for the way he had built his list. That diagonal line was easy to defend because he had quite a few blocks, and the war machines were able to sit in the back without much chance of me getting to them. Unit for unit, Skaven just can’t go toe to toe with Dwarfs. They really require the weapons teams to wear down the combat blocks first. Oh well, down to 1-1-0 record.

Even though I lost, this was the least fun game I’ve had in a long time (note later, my favorite opponent was one I lost to also). We had quite a few rules arguments (some lost, some won), but he was very loose with measuring, line of sight, reforming and all that. It was taxing to argue over just about every move, to the point where I kind of gave up. Lets just say, he didn’t get my vote for favorite opponent.

Conflict GT – Round 1

So in round 1 I come up against a Dwarf List. In a way, I counted myself lucky there because I did not take any magic defense at all. This is what he was fielding:

Dwarf Lord, Great Weapon, Shieldbearers, Master Rune of Kragg the Grim, Rune of Snorri Spangelhelm, Rune of Stone, Rune of Preservation, Master Rune of Spite, Rune of the Furnace

Thane BSB, Rune of Cleaving, Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Preservation, Rune of the Furnace
Runesmith with shield, Master Rune of Balance
Runesmith with Great Weapon, 2 runes of spellbreaking, master rune of challenge

24 Longbeards, full command, shields, rune of determination
29 warriors, full command, great weapons
20 quarreler rangers, muso and standard, great weapons

25 hammerers, full command, shields, Master rune of grungi
grudge thrower, engineers, rune of accuracy, 2x rune of penetration
cannon, engineers, rune of forging, rune of burning

organ gun

The scenario is pretty straight forward. It’s a battle line.

Without getting into crazy detail over deployment, the dwarf combat units were set to march across the center of the field. The rangers set off to one side, and the war machines were interspersed with the battle line. Like usual, my army spread out across the entire table because that is the only way it will fit! I did find plenty of room to get my scouts behind his lines though (off to the side a little bit).

Turn 1:
Dwarves get to go first. Obviously, I pop the storm banner. This stops the grudge thrower and cannon from shooting, the organ gun doesn’t really have a target. Later in the tournament I got a ruling from the TO that I was using the storm banner incorrectly, but for this game it stopped them from shooting. The rangers do 0 wounds to the plague monks, so in my turn 1 I come across clean. The assassin always has trouble getting in range for first turn shots, so he marches up to rip on the organ gun next turn. Thankfully, the gutter runners both roll well and destroy the cannon AND the grudge thrower. I figure, not I have a little breathing room with that artillery gone. My entire battle line moves up to meet the dwarfs. They are outnumbered by quite a bit, but I don’t go too far forward, I need one more turn to wear them down.

Turn 2:
Storm banner quits, but that’s ok because I negated most of the dwarf shooting. The organ gun takes a shot at the plague monks, and kills a few. Personally, I think the better choice would have been to shoot at the approaching gutter runners who were about to kill the organ gun. The rangers also do a few wounds to the plague monks.
In my turn, I am still not quite ready to charge. The gutter runners do wipe out the organ gun, leaving the assassin without much to do. The other unit of gutter runners begins peppering the rangers, taking down a few. This is where things got rough. In my shooting phase, every single weapon I have worked like a charge. The warpfire thrower, poison wind mortar, doomrocket and death globe all hit on target. They devastated dwarf after dwarf. Although all panic tests were passed, things were not looking good for the dwarfs. In the magic phase, I got plague off against a dwarf unit, wearing it down even further. The hellpit abomination did have to charge this turn (he just couldn’t help himself!) so into the longbeards he went! In the first round he killed a slew of longbeards (12 maybe?) but they were steadfast and held.

Turn 3:
Dwarf unit with the lord it in flanks my hellpit abom that is stuck in against the longbeards. Dwarf warriors charge plague monks. With no shooting left at this point, it’s into combat! The hellpit goes first, and rolls up a feed. every model in base contact takes a S6 hit with no armor save allowed, doing d3 wounds. This pretty much wiped out the longbeards and the hammerers that were flanking it. But the lord still lives! However, he was unable to strike down the beast, and the combined combat resolution mixed with the dead hammerers (no longer stubborn) meant he could not hold, and he was run down by the hellpit abom. On the other side of the field, the plague monks popped the plague banner. Despite all of the re-rolls, they were not able to pierce enough of that tough dwarven armor, and lost combat. They fled, and got away!

Turn 4:
The hellpit abom charges into the remaining rangers (worn down considerably by gutter runners). The unit of clanrats with the BSB charges the Dwarf warriors. they flee, hoping to get away, and they do! Hellpit eats the rangers do a man(dwarf).

Ok, I messed something up here. I’m pretty sure this game didn’t run out of time, I thought we went to 6 turns. But I know the unit of dwarf warriors got away. My turn 2 recap was probably turns 2 and 3 above. Anyway, the point is I was wearing down the dwarfs with shooting and magic so that by the time they got into combat, the units were very small.

I ended up taking a 24-0 victory here. The bonus points were for killing the general, capturing tables quarters, or something else generic like that. Starting this tournament on a high note!!

Conflict GT – My Army List

I’m in the process of preparing some battle reports, but first I wanted to post up the list that I was playing with this weekend.  It’s obviously a Skaven list, at the 2500 points level.  I think it’s pretty reasonable, I left most of the power combinations at home.  This list is more of a “these are the models I have/like” list rather than a “this is what will win me games” list.  Granted, it’s got an abom, but that’s because I have an awesome abom model.  :-p

Warlord on Bonebreaker.  Halbred, Foul Pendant (5+ ward), Warpstone armor(4+ save, bounceback a S4 hit), Potion of Strength

Warlock Engineer.  Level 2. Doom Rocket, Warp Energy Condensor
Plague Priest.  Level 2.  Flail
Chieftan BSB.  Flaming banner
Assassin.  Warpstone Stars (3x shots, S5, d3 wounds)

25 Clanrats w/ shield.  Full command.  warpfire thrower.
32 Clanrats w/ shield.  Full command.  poison wind mortar.
20 Slaves.  Musician
Giant rat pack, 6 rats 1 packmaster
Giant rat pack, 6 rats 1 packmaster
19 Stormvermin, full command.  Storm banner.

6 Jezzails
6 Poison Wind Globadiers.  Bombadier with Death Globe
20 Plague Monks.  Full command.  Plague banner
5 gutter runners.  slings.  poisoned attacks
5 gutter runners.  slings.  poisoned attacks

Hellpit abomination with warpstone spikes

Clanrat Unit filler

Phew, that was a long road.  After I started painting this guy, I realized that I hadn’t done a good a job converting it as I had thought.  I had to cut some stuff out and re-sculpt it, which seriously delayed me being ready for the tournament this weekend.  As is, there are some mold lines I couldn’t get to without some serious work so I just left them.  Unfortunate, but it’ll have to do.

At this point, I’m still debating adding another mid-tone to the cloak to make it pop a bit more.  I don’t want to wash it out, so need to be careful though.  It still has to come off as black in the end!

Clanrats finished

Well, for the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been plugging away at the clanrats.  After tinkering with my list a bit, I decided to go for a unit of 25.  I painted up 16 of them.  The other 9 are going to come from a unit filler.  It’s an assassin jumping off of a fallen High Elf waystone, and it’s up next on my painting list.  Well, after the Bonebreaker I suppose.

I didn’t put any designs on the banner just yet, I’ll go back and do that if I have enough time before the tournament.   At this point, this is what I have left to paint over the next 2 weeks:

  • Rat Ogre Bonebreaker
  • Assassin/Waystone unit filler
  • Freehand on clanrat banner
  • Finish touchups on Stormvermin

The idea was to repaint all of the “new” Skaven models.  I already did that with a unit of Slaves and I really like the effect of adding that next layer of highlights.  I’m not convinced it’s worth going back over the old metal models, since I will slowly be replacing them anyway.  I’m also on the fence about the plague monks.  Anyway, here are some pics of the clanrats.

Getting ready for Conflict GT

So I figure it’s about time to kick this thing off.  I had wanted to migrate some of my past forum posts here, and I may do that in the future.  But for the time being, here is what’s coming up.

The Conflict GT (Warhammer Fantasy/40k) is in January.  I’m signed up to play in the Fantasy side of the tournament, so I’m trying to get my Skaven army prepped for the tournament.  After the lastfew tournaments I attended in 8th edition, I’ve decided to make some changes to my list.  The biggest one is adding a new unit of clanrats.  I’ve been struggling with the Blood and Glory scenario because I only have 6 fortitude points.  The extra banner should help a little bit.  That also means I need to get ~30 clanrats painted in the next month.  I have a few unit fillers built, so I may opt to paint one of them to fill in some spots.  I just finished my first Clanrat, so pics to come momentarily!