#BeerMaW Entry Two – Mounted Skald

Having taken a week off for vacation, I returned to do a quick and dirty paint job on this old Wight King model from GW. In game terms, I am using it as a mounted Skald. It will be part of the Varangur allies to go alongside my Undead. This was the last model needed for Lady of the Lake – I will be flying to Minnesota on Friday!

I’m not a big fan of this model, nor the paint job I gave it. The shield was painted years ago for one of my Skeleton units. It broke off the Skeleton so I decided to repurpose it here.


Lady of the Lake GT – Individual Miniature Painting Contest

I am super excited to be attending the Lady of the Lake GT this July in Duluth, Minnesota. Lady of the Lake is a 2200 point Kings of War GT with lots of unique features, one of which is an Individual Miniature Painting Contest.

Individual Miniature Painting Contest

We will be holding a separate individual model painting contest.

A model entered into this contest MUST be a model that is NOT a part of your army used in the tournament. The model will be displayed for the duration of the tournament and must be turned in to the TO at the time of registration. The model must be a “fantasy” themed model, but can be produced by any manufacturer.

Points will be awarded for overall look, cleanness of painting, basing, converting, shading, details, etcetera.

2 GT tournament points will be awarded for participating in this contest.

A large plaque will be awarded to the winner and a small plaque will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place.

As my school year is coming to a close, I am starting to have more free time to dedicate to hobby projects. To kick things off I decided to paint up my entry to the contest. I selected one of my favorite models of all time, an Age of Sigmar Warden King sculpted several years back by Juan Diaz. This model will be easy to transport (I am flying to the event) and it can also be used in my Forces of Order army for Age of Sigmar Skirmish (which I am fairly keen on these days).

If you’ve listened to Episode 9 of Unplugged Radio, you’ll know that I have a side competition going with Jake to see whose model places higher in the event. I may be showing my hand a bit early by posting pictures, but I’d like to think of it as setting the bar high for him. 😉

As always, feedback is appreciated.


Forces of Nature Test Model

Hey all,

I have taken the plunge on starting a new army, and have decided to go with Forces of Nature. The army combines many different varieties of units (Salamanders, Naiads, Forest Shamblers, Elementals, etc.) and I wanted to find a color scheme that would tie all of these diverse units together.

I painted a Salamander as a test model, and I am thinking the combination of purple/green/khaki will suit my needs. For the Salamanders, purple is the dominant color. For other units, it will be green or khaki. But, all of the models will have at least some of all three colors present.

I tried to paint this guy as quickly as possible, as I have a LOT of infantry staring me down. As a result, the painting is a bit messy, but I think it came out nicely and will look decent enough across an army.

Please let me know your general thoughts/feedback on the model and color scheme. Also, I am wondering if I should go with a brighter final highlight on some of the colors, particularly the bone.


Legends of Signum – UPGT Sponsor

Very pleased to announce that Legends of Signum will be sponsoring some prizes for the Unplugged GT this year.  They’ve got some really cool and unique models (not to mention their studio painter does some really nice work).  Here are just a few of the cool models we’ll be giving away at the event.


Check them out at https://signumgame.com/ !!



Unplugged Radio

We were recording an episode tonight and I realized that we haven’t actually posted any of this content on the UPG website.  So here it is, in all it’s podcast glory.  I present to you…Unplugged Radio.


In the future I’ll try to make a blog post when we have a new episode available.  Also check out the facebook page.


Hobby Update

Kickin’ it old school! Two ham hand skeleton regiments were the first undead models I ever painted back in 2004. They never saw the table as the next regiment I painted was the updated skeletons. But all that is about to change. Added a highlight to the shields, tried out typhus corrosion on the weapons, updated the bases, fixed the banners, threw in a couple characters and now I’m ready to hit on 5+.

Repurposed spirit hosts and wraiths dry brushed and glazed to match. Planning to use as reapers as these guys look less like flyers than the mantic wraiths I have.

Here is a closeup of Mhorgoth and a screamer painted for the Dec 19 Portal Tournament.

Recently finished mounted necromancer.

When it came to doing the glowing eyes, I really wanted to do scorpion green but I had to settle for moot green due to fear of crumbling lids on some older pots. I’ll need some replacement pots to rectify this situation for sure!