Chaos Dwarves at a GT

Hey guys,


I have something that I wanted to discuss with the club. Ive seen a few Chaos Dwarf armies at the Grand Tournaments that I have attended over the past year-year and a half, all of them were using the "Indy GT Chaos Dwarf Book". I have yet to play against that book but know that some of you have. What is everyone stance on allowing the Chaos Dwarf Forgeworld book and the Chaos Dwarf Indy GT book to be playable/usable in the Unplugged GT?


Heres my thoughts:

  • While Chaos Dwarf players are few and far between, they do exist and there are a few in our area who I beleive are interested in attending our GT.
  • The ETC board has approved the Forgeworld book to be used in their event and have comped it along will all the other books.
  • I understand that none of us play Chaos Dwarves (yet) so we dont have alot of play time against/with them, I can safely say that there are other armies that I have barely played against and I am sure its the same with all of you. So I think the fact that no one really has alot of experience against them shouldnt really factor in for the simple reason that there are plenty of armies that each of us barely fight against.
  • By allowing either/or we open our GT to a few more people and add a little more variety to the GT. I think that is the biggest selling point, I want the Unplugged GT to be the best and variety is a great step to that.

Now heres a few things that I see could be a negative:

  • The fact that it will add another army to the list of armies that we need to comp for the GT.
  • We dont have a local Chaos Dwarf player to play against(yet), but Peyton owns the Forgeworld book so it wouldnt be to hard to run a proxy game to play things out.

Maybe I am a little one sided with this topic, but I just want the GT to be open to anyone who wants to come play. I think the fact that the other GT's in the area allow the Community Chaos Dwarf book should make it a little easier for us to allow it to be played.


I apologize for my spelling mistakes and grammar, im typing this at work while trying to tackle 1,000 other things.


Dark Elf List for Conflict (The final draft!)

Hey everyone,


Here is the final draft of my Dark Elf list for the upcoming Grand Tournament. I havent play test this list at all. I was able to play test the previous list about 6-7 times with a good success rate. I decided to go ahead and add in the Cauldron BSB and remove the Master BSB. Let me know what you guys think, obviously its already pretty much set in stone, but I would still appreciate some feedback!



Dreadlord..140 pts

Heavy Armour..6 pts

Sea Dragon Cloak..6 pts

Dark Peggy..50 pts

Crown of Command(Stubborn)..35pts

Pendant of Khaloth(Reverse Ward)..35pts

Dragonhelm(+1 to armour, 2+ ward vs Fire)..10pts

Soulrender(Great Weapon, Armour Peircing)..15pts

Total: 297 points


Supreme Sorceress..225 pts

Level 4..35 pts

Lifetaker( 3x shots, Range 30", Str 4, always hits on a 2+)..30 pts

Tome of Furion(+1 spell)..15 pts

Total: 305 pts



Sorceress..100 pts

Level 2..35 pts

Dispel Scroll..25 pts

The Guiding Eye(One use, "hatred" for shooting)..25 pts

Total: 185 pts


Death Hag..90 pts

Cauldron of Blood..110 pts

BSB..25 pts

Banner of Swiftness( +1 movement)..15pts

Total: 240 pts



Black Ark Corsairs x 40..400 pts

Full Command..25 pts

Sea Serpent Standard(Frenzy)..25 pts

Total: 450 pts


Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen x 16..160 pts

Banner and Musician..15 pts

Total: 175 Points


Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen x 16..160 pts

Banner and Musician..15 pts

Total:175 pts



Black Guard x 20..260 pts

Full Command..35 pts

Banner of Murder(Armour Piercing)..25 pts

Crimson Death(Always strikes at str 6)..25 pts

Total:335 pts



War Hydra..175 pts



Assassin..90 pts

Additional Hand Weapon..6 pts

Rending Stars( x3 shot, range 12", str of user +1)..30 pts

Manbane(Brings str up to a maximum of 6 to wound on 3's)..30 pts

Cry of War("fear" when the unit he is in charges)..10 pts

Total..163 pts



Total: 2,500/2,500


One thing that I am not 100% sold on, is the gear my assassin is carrying. I could also gear it out with the following: Dance of Doom(5+ ward save), Rune of Khaine(+ d3 attacks), and Black Lotus (reroll 1's on the to wound roll). That would make him a bit more killy.