The 2016 Unplugged GT

2016 Unplugged Grand Tournament

The Unplugged Gamers are proud to announce that the 2016 Unplugged GT will be held on April 16-17 in Hartford, Connecticut.  We will be playing 5 games of Kings of War and Malifaux.  Players can register for either game system.  Each game system will follow the same schedule for the 5 game rounds.  There will be a maximum capacity of 72 players at the event.  Malifaux will be capped at 30 players.

The Unplugged GT will be using Warscore tournament software. Check it out at

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Please use the button below to purchase your ticket to the 2016 Unplugged GT if you are playing Kings of War or Malifaux.  Tickets are $75+tax each and include entrance to the event as well as lunch for both Saturday and Sunday.  Ticket sales are processed manually, so the registration page will be updated within a day or two of the purchase.  Please take a moment to review our Privacy and Refund Policy.

Game System

Army lists are due in for checking April 8th.   Please email army lists to  Army lists should be submitted in the format made by  It’s free and really easy to use.  Just enter the roster, click the PDF button, and email that PDF to us.

You can book hotel rooms at the group rate of $118 using this link (or just call the hotel).

The players pack for Kings of War can be found here.  The players pack for Malifaux will be the 2016 Gaining Grounds.

Kings of War Registration List (ticket purchased*):

  1. Mark Gottlieb*
  2. Nicki Gottlieb*
  3. Scott Craig*
  4. Kyle Brock*
  5. Cory Walizer*
  6. Erik Rutins*
  7. Alexandre Chaves*
  8. Adam Steele*
  9. Jon Green*
  10. Jake Hutton* – Grudge Greg Person
  11. Mike Tiskus* – Grudge Peyton Shipman
  12. Mike Rossi*
  13. Eric Shaefer*
  14. Brian Ring*
  15. Greg Person* – Grudge Jake Hutton
  16. Peyton Shipman* – Grudge Mike Tiskus
  17. Nick T.*
  18. Jim Ellsworth*
  19. Keith Conroy* – Grudge Tony Chastenay
  20. Chris Murphy*
  21. Michael Austin*
  22. Anthony Chastenay* – Grudge Keith Conroy
  23. John Chastenay*
  24. Mike Lambros*
  25. Bart Koehler*
  26. Chris LaBelle*
  27. Jeremy Filner*
  28. Kevin Spear*
  29. Ryan Burch*
  30. Oliver Tinsman*
  31. Michael Moran*

Ringer – Pat Hill

Malifaux Registration List (ticket purchased*):

  1. Matt Perry*
  2. Noah Nathanson*
  3. Rhys McDonald

X-Wing Saturday Night

Use this button to purchase your ticket for X-Wing if you are NOT playing Kings of War or Malifaux.  This is for people attending ONLY the X-Wing event.  X-Wing will be held on Saturday evening starting at 7pm.  Points will be scored each round for ships killed (large ships worth half points), NOT the standard Win/Loss record.

X-wing Registration List:

  1. Keith Conroy*
  2. Jon Vanase
  3. Chris Murphy*
  4. Pat Hill
  5. Danielle M.
  6. Zach*
  7. Matt Krest*
  8. Cory Walizer*