Errata and Composition Restrictions


Our goal here is to take the edge off of some things.  It’s not an attempt at absolute balance between all army books.  Each army can take whatever they want within the general restrictions.  If not balanced, at least it’s fair.  Certain less-used (or at least less competitive) armies will get bonuses or rules changes to make them more attractive.

Game size will be 2500 points.

This page will be adjusted to accommodate new Army Books, FAQ’s or Rules Supplements as necessary.

Army lists are due May 24th so they may be checked.  Please note, there is a 5 point penalty for late or incorrect lists!  Get them in on time, and have your friends double check them!

The following Battle Scrolls are allowed:

  • Be’Lakor
  • Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch
  • Crypt Scavengers
  • Creatures of the Chaos Wastes
  • The Restless Dead


  • A “Look Out, Sir” roll will be granted against the following spells:
    • The Dwellers Below
    • The Curse of the Horned Rat
  • For every character in a unit beyond the first that is eligible for a Look Out Sir, add a -1 penalty to the “Look Out, Sir” rolls granted for the aforementioned spells.
  • For example, if there are 3 characters in a unit, then each character will pass “Look Out, Sir” rolls against the spells on a die roll of 4+.  Normal requirements for “Look Out Sir” apply.  Champions do not count toward the total number of characters in a unit when calculating this modification to “Look Out, Sir” rolls.
  • The Folding Fortress (or any building in play) has a maximum of 3 floors regardless of the model used to represent it.
  • A unit exceeding 30 infantry models (or 10 monstrous infantry models) may not garrison a building.  If a unit larger than this size wishes to enter a building (for example after winning an assault of a building), then it must remove models from play to bring its size down to 30 (or 10 for monstrous infantry models).  Players need not take a panic check when removing models from play in this manner.
  • A player may use a maximum of 12 power dice in each magic phase.  Any power dice generated past this limit are lost.

Composition Restrictions


  • Special/Named characters allowed by permission only.  Email to request permission.  The Unplugged Grand Tournament rules judges will consider the entire army list when determining whether or not a special character will be allowed in a given army list.  We will publish a full list of all special characters being used the week prior to the tournament.
  • Players may not include non-character units that exceed 500 points in their army list.  This points maximum includes all equipment and upgrades.  Characters that join units do not count toward this value.


  • Mantle of Ghorrok and Bray Scream count as Augment spells.
  • Beastmen monsters have the Regeneration(5+) special rule
  • Minotaurs and Gors may take a magic banner up to 75 points.
  • Units with Beastmen Ambush may alternatively deploy as if they had the Ambushers special rule.  Beastlords and Wargors may be allocated to join such units, and will enter the game with the corresponding unit.


  • BSB’s may take mundane equipment normally available to their non-BSB base character type.

Tomb Kings

  • If the army’s Heirophant is killed, the army takes its crumble test immediately as normal.  Then the next highest level wizard using the Nehekharan Lore is promoted to Heirophant and can maintain the army, similar to the Vampire Counts.
  • The Restless Dead – Animated Constructs will recover a single wound per successful CASTING of an augment spell on them.  Not limited to once wound per phase.
  • A Tomb King/Prince that is mounted in a Chariot will be treated as a single model similar to monstrous cavalry, and use the highest Toughness and Wound characteristic of the model, which in this case would be the characters.  They will follow the rules for chariots in all other regards while still being able to join units of Skeleton Chariots.
  • Khasar’s Incantation of the Desert Wind is an Augment spell, and as such can effect units in combat.  Those units will not move but still benefit from The Restless Dead attribute.
  • Necropolis Knights can take a Magic Banner costing up to 50 points
  • Skeletal Chariots have the Fast Cav special rule.  Tomb Kings/Princes mounted in a Chariot have the Fast Cav rule as well


1):  Can models in the 2nd rank use any extra attacks from Predatory Fighter?
A:  Yes, do not separate out dice for supporting attacks versus attacks from models in the front rank.

2):  Can multiple characters declare a charge out of a unit?
A:  No.  Once a character has declared a charge the existing unit and any characters remaining in it are not eligible to declare another charge.

3):  Can a Skullcannon of Khorne or Ironblaster stand and shoot?
A:  No.  Since they shoot as a War Machine, which has the Slow To Fire rule.

4)  Can Murderous Prowess granted by the Cauldron of Blood be used to re-roll To-Wound rolls made from shooting attacks and spell damage?
A:  No.

5)  If you take enough casualties during a charge to cause due to dangerous terrain to warrant a panic test, must you take the test?  If you fail, where do you flee from?
A:  Yes, you must take the test.  Tests are taken as soon as all of the models that are required to test have entered or moved through the terrain.  This is also the point in which you would flee from.  If the unit is small enough then use the actual rules, which are that each model takes the dangerous terrain test as soon as it is eligible to do so.

6)  Does a model wielding a Great Weapon that also has Always Strikes First still count as having Always Strikes First for purposes of another model with Always Strikes First getting re-rolls?
A:  No.  Although the rule Always Strikes First or Always Strikes Last remains, the effect of the rule is being canceled.  A model that has Always Strikes First and also Always Strikes Last cannot then gain Always Strikes First again to “get back” the Always Strikes First.  A model can only have the rule once.

7)  Does “Walk Between Worlds” allow a unit to swift reform, side step or other things allowed during the Remaining Moves sub-phase?
A:  Yes.  Any movement normally allowed using the Remaining Moves sub-phase is allowed within the range of movement dictated by the spell.  So for example, a unit could side-step by 5″, or swift reform and then move 10″, but they cannot march for 20″ (you can move 20″ if you cast the larger version of the spell though).

8)  When can the Chalice of Dark Rain be used?
A:  In the magic phase, but not during the resolution of a spell (can’t be used after power dice are thrown).

9)  Placeholder

11) If a unit if contacting multiple Frostheart Pheonixes does the -1 Strength stack?
A:  No.

12)  Do you lose the bonus from Witch Brew immediately if the bearer dies?
A):  Yes.

13). When do you declare if Gutter Runners are Scouting or Ambushing?
A)  Declare when they would normally be deployed (during the deployment of Scouts usually).

14)  If a Greater Daemon takes an Eternity Blade as well as the Sword of Swift Slaying and the Greater Demon elects to use the Sword of Swift Slaying in a given round of combat do the bonuses from the Eternity Blade still apply?
A)  No.

15)  If a model with the Golden Crown of Atrazar is wounded but passes an armor save, is the item still used up?
A)  Yes.

16)  Does a unit with the Banner of the World Dragon get ward saves against the spell Arzibols(spelling?) Black Horror?
A) Yes.

17)  Can multiple units take Enchanted Arrows from the Wood Elf book?
A)  Multiple units may use the same type of arrow.  However, characters may only take them once per army as per the normal rules for Enchanted Items.

18)  Do woods generated from Acorn of the Ages need to be Citadel brand woods?
A)  No, but hey must be equal to or less than the size of a Citadel wood.

19)  Can Waystalkers use their Sniper shot along with the other abilities and/or Bow of Loren?
A)  Yes, they all can be used together.


  • Updated 5/11/2014 – Added Wood Elf FAQ items.
  • Updated 4/29/2014 – Removed Wood Elves comp since they will have a new book.
  • Updated 4/16/2014 – Change Eternity Blade answer.  Answer Q 16).  Remove Beastmen ambush bonus consistent with ETC.
  • Udated 3/29/2014 – Clarify Look Out Sir, drop FT from list.  Add some FAQ items.  Adjust Beastmen bonuses.  Added Battle Scrolls that are allowed.
  • Updated 01/29/2014 – Added more FAQ
  • Updated 01/01/2014 – Added FAQ
  • Updated 12/31/2013 – Major update.  Removed restrictions from all army’s.  Adjust bonuses to Beastmen/Tomb Kings/Wood Elves.
  • Updated 12/19/2013
  • Created 11/30/2013 – Initial Issue.  Draft.

35 thoughts on “Errata and Composition Restrictions”

  1. Does Banner of the World Dragon apply vs. wounds suffered by the Forbidden Rod? GW never answered this one. I asked the Internet and the Europeans play that you do get the Ward, but want to clear it up ahead of time before settling on the item or not.

  2. The Acorn of Ages says “At the start of the game, after the battlefield has been set up, but before deployment begins” .
    Is that before after sides are chosen? New Book grumble…

  3. Is there a reason we DON’T get a LOS for Final Transmutation, outside of oversight?

    If you’re giving a LOS to Dwellers and 13th, the norm is to also give one to Final Trans. Just throwing it out there, no reason to make Tzeentch Spam Demon armies even more powerful.

    – Larry

    1. Hey Larry,
      It was a conscience decision to remove it from the list. We had been thinking about doing this even before Xroads, then Corey removed this for Spring Break. I wasn’t able to attend this year unfortunately but the feedback I got from people was “meh, who cares”. That kind of reinforced what I was already thinking, that because you only fail on a 6 it’s really not on the same level as Dwellers.


  4. 1. Can Wood Elves double up on the Enchanted Arrows they give thier units? Example: 2 units with Hagbane Tips.
    2. I have one Citidel Wood can I trace the outline of the wood to make non-citidel copies for the Acorn magic Item.

  5. In the new Wood Elf book, Waystalkers have sniper. There is some disagreement on on whether snipe with the multi-shots from Bow of Loren. How would this be ruled at Unplugged?

        1. I looked through the book and can’t find any reference to “Bow of Loren”.

          I don’t see why they wouldn’t stack though. Multi-shot from a Witch Hunters Brace of Pistols works with his (or her) sniper ability,

          1. Its a bow that gives multiple shot (A+1). I see no reason it shouldn’t stack with sniper or the Waywatcher special rules (which are not magical).

            Also for what its worth as a Wood Elf player who is not bringing them to this tournament I believe there is nothing in the rules that forbids multiple units from taking the same enchanted arrows.

          2. A bit late to the dance on this one but the Bow grants the Multiple Shot special rule (A+1). Hawk-Eyed Archer (the Waywatcher/Stalker ability) has an option for Multiple Shot (2).

            I wouldn’t think you can stack multiple Multiple Shot rules into one model and use them all at once simultaneously. I would think this is part of the confusion.

            Can’t see a reason why you couldn’t use the Bow of Avelorn with the Armor Ignoring Waywatcher shot, though. Seems to fit fine.

  6. I’m curious… for wood elves, would branch wraiths upgraded to a caster have access to all BRB lores? Or just spell singers/weavers?

    Metal magic branchwraith! For fluff purposes…

      1. Cool.

        Given how GW is shifting their release schedules to weekly ones, I think it’s a possibility that the WE army book is release a few weeks into May in the third or fourth week of releases. The dwarf releases happening right now don’t mention the actual army book in the first couple of weeks.

        I figure that given the time frame for the Unplugged, it might be too soon after the new army book to spring those rules on everyone. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. No biggie if I need to use the Erratta rules. I like them.


  7. I think it’d be neat to let the Beastmen have a free monster. it’s what, a 275pt freebie, but would be a potential VP loss if used recklessly. (Note: not a Beastmen player, I just want to see Jabberslythes flying around)

    The Fast Cav rule on TK chariots is an interesting one. Should help them set up some better positioning early on.

    Only other question I have is has there been a definitive errata on the DoC “Bearer” vs “Weilder” debate when it comes to the ASF sword?

  8. I agree with Jay, perhaps consider ETC for the boosts for books.

    Also, to reiterate, I think dwarves can take like 7 warmachines, but skaven are limited to like 2 actual war machines and 1-2 toys.

    I mean, I would prefer no comp to this comp. This comp as it is has me reconsidering buying a ticket. It is that bad. Basically you guys created a comp lottery (like last year with WOC), where certain armies are just better off than everyone else, by a large margin. For example, Travis’s HE list is totally uncomped. Every WoC list except the absolute best DP is not comped. Demons are totally uncomped. Vamps are hardly comped.

    But Chaos dwarves can only take 2 warmachines?

    How do you comp mournfang + Iron blaster, but not beasts of nurgle + skill cannons?

  9. Just the flip side of that issue is the lack of a boost for Beasts and TK. These armies will suffer even worse when the better books are given freer reign.

    In general I favor less comp but as a guy who has club mates who play some of the ‘lesser’ books I can offer that they have looked at this draft and dont know if they should just borrow other armies instead.


  10. I have to agree with Keith on lack of Daemon comp, if dwarf gun lines are not fun to play against neither are 2 blocks of 6-8 Beasts of Nurgle backed by Skill cannons. If you want uncomped Warhammer embrace uncomped Warhammer and go no comp. Let Dwarves have 4 cannons and 4 Grudgethrowers, Skaven double wheel double A-bomb. Just look at last year where uncomped WoC walked over everybody, not sure if Josh ever had a worry of a loss. We all know what is not fun to play against, I prefer limiting the no brainers. All the same armies, purple suns because it is the only answer.

  11. Skaven comp looks way harder than other top armies. Compare it to empire, WoC, DoC, vamps… I mean Demons don’t have any restrictions… how can you comp any army at all if you aren’t comping demons?

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