Appearance Judging

Painted armies are required.  Unpainted models must be removed from the tabletop.  Armies that have not been painted by the player will not be eligible for painting awards, but will still receive a score.

Models must be What You See Is What You Get.  Units with equipment options must contain at least 50% of the unit with the correct weapon options.

Proxy, stand-in, counts-as, and other non-standard models will be evaluated by the tournament organizers to determine if they are acceptable.  If the Tournament Organizers deem them to be unacceptable, players will be asked to remove them from play.  If you think that an opponent or a Tournament Organizer might have any doubt as to whether your model is appropriate for a game of Warhammer, you should email the Tournament Organizers in advance of submitting your army list.

This does NOT mean that you cannot use alternative models.  Just that they must accurately represent the unit in question.

We take appearance and these consideration seriously so please take them seriously with us.

Appearance will be judged from the following categories for a total of 40 points:

  • Overall presentation (15 pts)
    • A first impression.  How does it look from a distance of 4 feet?
    • bare minimum “painted” (0 pts), tournament standard (10 pts), or top of the line (15 pts).
  • Basing and Display Board (5 pts)
  • Modelling (5 pts)
    • Conversions, kit bashing, sculpting will be rewarded
    • Points deductions for things like mold lines
  • Technical Painting (10 pts)
    • Highlights, shading, blending, small details, freehand, weathering, etc. will be assessed
  • Judges Discretion (5 pts)
    • Open category
    • Super-cool conversions, themes, and the like will be rewarded.

Each player will receive a painting score from the “Overall Presentation” category.  This is the score that will be used to calculate Overall standings.  Any army receiving an Overall Presentation score of 15 will also received a detailed evaluation.  Essentially this is a process to determine overall winners in the area of Army Appearance.

If other players would like to have their armies receive a detailed evaluation they may request this.  It will likely result in a higher overall score.  This is a deviation from last years scoring and I just want to be clear – you will not receive more than the 0/10/15 points for painting unless you request judging.

Dedicated appearance judges will be available to give feedback throughout the event.

Below are representative examples of armies that would score low, medium, and high on our Army Appearance scale.  These were judged out of 60 points using the 2013 criteria, which is similar to the 2014 criteria.

Example of Low Tier Army
Example of Medium Tier Army
Example of High Tier Army

Updated 05/05/2014 – Armies painted by someone else not eligible for awards.
Updated 04/22/2014 – Added contact form.
Created 11/30/2013 – Initial Post

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