Army lists are due in for checking May 15th.  This also means that it is the last day to register without taking a points penalty for late submission.There will be a maximum capacity of 64 players at the event.  See the registration list below to determine how many are left.

Tickets are $65 each. All transactions are final. The registration list is updated manually, so it will be updated to reflect a current list shortly after payment is received (usually within  24 hours).

Player list (updated 05/22/2013)(* – army list validated)

Name Army Club
Adam Steele Lizardmen Lost Legion
Alan McNabb Dark Elves Lost Legion
Andrew Weakland Ogres
Anthony Chastenay O&G Vermonters
Anthony Valente Wood Elves Shambling Horde
Arash Afghahi High Elves Warmongers
Ben Hosking Dwarfs Lost Legion
Brian Barnaby Demons CT
Brian Ring High Elves
Chris Hanes WoC Canhammer
Chris LaBelle WoC CT
Chris O’Brien High Elves Lost Legion
Cory Walizer O&G Shambling Horde
Dennis Creighton Ogres Turn 7
Eric Ziegler
Garrett Petersen Empire Turn 7
George Torres WoC Vermonters
Jacob Hutton O&G
Jake Martin Empire Darkstar
Jarrett Messing Bretonnia Warmongers
Jay Maltz High Elves
Jay Malvagno WoC Turn 7
Jen Torres Tomb Kings Vermonters
Jim Ellsworth Wood Elves
John Chastenay Wood Elves Vermonters
John Franklin Empire Canhammer
Josh Hankin WoC Darkstar
Keith Bonneau Skaven Darkstar
Keith Conroy Dwarfs
Kevin Coleman WoC Warmongers
Kevin Spear Ogres CT
Kyle Brock Skaven
Larry Mottola VC Warmongers
Lucas Gitar WoC Warmongers
Matt Perry O&G Lost Legion
Matthew Cassidy Empire Lost Legion
Mike Archer Skaven
Mike Rossi Wood Elves Shambling Horde
Omar Martinez Dwarfs CT
Pat Hill Dark Elves CT
Rhys McDonald Skaven Darkstar
Roy Biederman O&G
Scott Craig Wood Elves CT
Scott Hancock Skaven
Sebastian Caccamo VC
Tom Minter Lizardmen
Will Paul Demons Canhammer

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