Errata and Composition Restrictions

Game size will be 2500 points.

This will be adjusted to accommodate new Army Books, FAQ’s or Rules Supplements as necessary.

Army lists are due May 15th so they may be checked.  Please not, there is a 5 point penalty for late or incorrect lists!  Get them in on time, and have your friends double check them!


  • A “Look Out, Sir” roll will be granted against the following spells:
    • Final Transmutation
    • The Dwellers Below
    • The Curse of the Horned Rat
  • For every character in a unit beyond the first, add a -1 penalty to the “Look Out, Sir” rolls granted for the aforementioned spells.
  • For example, if there are 3 characters in a unit, then each character will pass “Look Out, Sir” rolls against the spells on a die roll of 4+.  Normal requirements for “Look Out Sir” apply.  Champions do not count toward the total number of characters in a unit when calculating this modification to “Look Out, Sir” rolls.

Composition Restrictions


  • Special/Named characters allowed by permission only.  Email to request permission.  The Unplugged Grand Tournament rules judges will consider the entire army list when determining whether or not a special character will be allowed in a given army list.  We will publish a full list of all special characters being used the week prior to the tournament.
  • Players may take a maximum of 3 characters of a single type (Ex: no more than three Warrior Priests in an Empire Army)
  • Players may not include non-character units that exceed 500 points in their army list.  This points maximum includes all equipment and upgrades.  Characters that join units do not count toward this value.
  • A player may not field an army that has more than 80 shots from missile weapons.
    • Models with weapons or items that fire D6 shots count as 4 shots towards this limit.
    • Weapons that can shoot twice (such as slings, blowguns, repeater crossbows, etc), count as 2 shots toward this limit.
  • A player may use a maximum of 12 power dice in each magic phase.  Any power dice generated past this limit are lost.
  • The Folding Fortress (or any building in play) has a maximum of 3 floors regardless of the model used to represent it.
  • A unit exceeding 30 infantry models (or 10 monstrous infantry models) may not garrison a building.  If a unit larger than this size wishes to enter a building (for example after winning an assault of a building), then it must remove models from play to bring its size down to 30 (or 10 for monstrous infantry models).  Players need not take a panic check when removing models from play in this manner.


  • The 25% restriction on Rare units is removed for Beastmen.  (Note that Beastmen armies may not field more than 2 of the same Rare choice)
  • Mantle of Ghorrok and Bray Scream count as Augment spells.


  • BSB’s may take mundane equipment normally available to their non-BSB base character type.

Chaos Dwarfs (Tamurkhan only)

  • A maximum of 2 of any type of war machine may be taken.

Dark Elves

  • The Pendant of Khaleth and Stubborn Crown may only be wielded together by a model on foot.
  • A maximum of 6 power dice may be used to cast a spell.

Daemons of Chaos

  • No additional restrictions


  • Cannons are 0-2
  • Grudge Throwers are 0-2
  • BSB’s may take mundane equipment normally available to their non-BSB base character type.


  • Cannons are 0-2

High Elves

  • No additional restrictions


  • Skink/Kroxigor units do not count towards the overall shot cap.
  • Slann may not take Bane Head if they use Death Magic.
  • Each salamander counts as 6 shots from a missile weapon.

Orcs and Goblins

  • No additional restrictions.

Ogre Kingdoms

  • The Hellheart may not be taken if a dispel scroll is in the army.
  • A combined maximum of 3 may be taken from units of Ironblasters and Mournfang.


  • A maximum of 4 war machines may be selected.
  • Doomwheel counts as a war machine.
  • The Brass Orb and Doomrocket each count as a war machine towards the limit.

Tomb Kings

  • No additional restrictions.

Vampire Counts

  • A maximum of 5 ethereal units may be selected.
  • A maximum of 1 flying vampire may be selected (Vampires on Terrorgheists do not count towards this limit).

Warriors of Chaos

  • No additional restrictions.

Wood Elves

  • Hail of Doom Arrow does not count towards the overall shot limit.
  • All Longbows in the army have the “Glade Guard Longbow” special rule (all shots become S4 at short range).
  • The 5+ ward save granted by the Forest Spirit rule may be taken against all attacks, magical or otherwise.
  • Spellsingers may choose spells from the Lore of Athel Loren, The Lore of Beasts or the Lore of Life.
  • A Wood Elf Noble that is upgraded to a Battle Standard Bearer no longer loses his Longbow.
  • A Wood Elf Noble that is upgraded to the Battle Standard Bearer may also purchase any mundane equipment available to a non-BSB noble.
  • Wardancers are not limited to 1 supporting attack per model.
  • A Cluster of Radiants may be taken by any character.

Updated 05/12/2013 for new High Elf book
Updated 05/01/2013 Remove “unmodified LD” stuff in response to latest FAQ
Updated 04/24/2013 to remove Infernal Gateway look out sirs
Updated 04/19/2013 to loosen war machine restrictions, clean up shot limit wording.
Updated 04/04/2013 to add list submissions deadline, add DoC and WoC comp.
Updated 03/17/2013 to put TBD for Daemons of Chaos and Warriors of Chaos.
Updated 02/16/2013 to clarify Folding Fortress or any other building
Updated 02/05/2013 to include BSB equipment

11 thoughts on “Errata and Composition Restrictions”

  1. Victory points question.

    Do you get 50% vp for fleeing units, or units that are reduced to 25%, or must you kill all the models to get the points?

  2. I have a few questions.

    1) It states that warmachines do not count towards the 80 shot limit, but that templates count as 6. Most warmachines fire templates,(cannons, stone throwers). Also, why do one use breath weapons not count, but one use other templates do.(IE why does a dragon’s BW not count, but the brass orb does?). Perhaps making all template warmachines count as 6 shots would remove the need for the WM caps on certain armies?

    2) for choices that say “every 2 count as a WM, round up” mean that taking 1 counts as a WM, but the second is free? Is this really effective comp, really you are comping the first choice, not the double count. Not sure this does what you intend.

    3) For DE, why is taking a sorceress lord with pendent and stubborn on a mount banned?

    4)For WM armies why is it limited to 4? Considering there are models in the game,(quite a few actually) that are almost immune to WM shots and can easily crush them when they arrive, (DE pendent guy, DE hag graef cloak guy, WoC 3++ rerolling 1 guy, all of them fly, LM in general can deal with them easily). A better solution is to have either terrain big enough to hide models from LoS, or to use simple LoS for hills/building/impassable(infinitely tall), that way people playing against WM lists can use tactical movement to overcome them. IE hill hopping, then giving only one turn to shoot before combat ensues.
    Otherwise, you are just limiting the reliability of armies that rely on “softening up” super aggresive armies.

    5) why would you want a double DP WoC list, or DP and flying chaos lord, which chimeras and other flying chars + skull crushers etc.. to be completely uncomped but then force armies that cannot stand up to them in H2H to play with one arm tied behind their back. Why not have all WM’s count as 6 shots(or more in special cases), that way there is a limit for missile troops and WMs together.

    If I was playing empire, and had 1 steam tank, 2 cannons and hell blaster, is it really broken to add a mortar? Also, if I am taking a Steam tank, 2 hell blasters, 2 cannons, I probably don’t have points for Demigryphs, so I am limiting myself. Why am I being penalized? Armies that make choices that leave themselves vunerable to WM lists are NOT being limited.

    1. Noah and I have been talking this over and we made a few revisions. Can’t say we addressed all of your comments Keith, but we did for some of them.

      Gotta say, I do like the idea of war machines counting towards the shot limit, where each war machine could have a different “counts as X shots” amount. That’s not something we can implement this late in the game though. Maybe next year.

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