The 2017 Unplugged GT

2017 Unplugged Grand Tournament

Here are the awardsfinal scores and pictures of the event!

The Unplugged Gamers are proud to announce that the 2017 Unplugged GT will be held on April 21-23 in Hartford, Connecticut.  We will be playing 5 games of Kings of War.  There will be a maximum capacity of 72 players at the event.

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The Unplugged GT will be using Warscore tournament software. Check it out at

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Please use the button below to purchase your ticket to the 2017 Unplugged GT.  Tickets are $75+tax each and include entrance to the event as well as lunch for both Saturday and Sunday.  Ticket sales are processed manually, so the registration page will be updated within a day or two of the purchase.  Please take a moment to review our Privacy and Refund Policy.

Army lists are due in for checking April 14th.   Please email army lists to  Army lists should be submitted in the format made by  It’s free and really easy to use.  Just enter the roster, click the PDF button, and email that PDF to us.

You can book hotel rooms at the group rate of $112 using this link (or just call the hotel).

The players pack for Kings of War can be found here.

Kings of War Registration List(* list received):

  1. Harry Garrott*
  2. Matthew M.*
  3. Greg Person (grudged Mike Tiskus)*
  4. Scott Craig*
  5. Peyton Shipman*
  6. Mike Rossi (Grudged by John Chastenay)*
  7. Cory Walizer (Grudged by Alex Chaves)*
  8. Chris Murphy*
  9. Keith Conroy (grudged by Noah Nathanson)*
  10. Mike Tiskus (grudged by Greg Person)*
  11. Adriel Colon*
  12. Alex Chaves (grudged Cory Walizer)*
  13. John Chastenay (Grudged Mike Rossi)*
  14. Anthony Chastenay*
  15. Nick Scibetta (grudged by Chris Pelletier)*
  16. Josh Rosado (grudged Kevin Spear)*
  17. Bart Koehler*
  18. Kevin Spear (grudged by Josh Rosado)*
  19. Nick T.*
  20. Jim Ellsworth (ringer)*
  21. Mike Austin*
  22. K2*
  23. Ray W.*
  24. Ryan Burch*
  25. Brian Ring*
  26. Chris Pelletier (grudged Nick Scibetta)*
  27. Noah Nathanson (grudged Keith Khan-roy)*
  28. Joe Taylor (grudges by Da Great Khan)*
  29. Nate Shlutz*
  30. Da Great Khan (grudged Joe Taylor)*
  31. Corey Reynolds*
  32. Jason W.*
  33. Keith Fox*