Please use the button below to purchase your ticket to the 2015 Unplugged GT.  Tickets are $75+tax each and include entrance to the event as well as lunch for both Saturday and Sunday.

Ticket sales are processed manually, so the registration page will be updated within a day or two of the purchase. If you need alternate arrangements for payment please email us. Please take a moment to review our Privacy and Refund Policy.

Army lists are due in for checking April 11th. This also means that it is the last day to register and get the early submission bonus.  There will be a maximum capacity of 72 players at the event.

You can book hotel rooms at the group using this link.


Registered Players:

Count Name Club List Status
1 Adam Parente Hammer Bros Valid
2 Adam Steele Lost Legion Valid
3 Alex Schmid CCG Valid
4 Alexander Samardzich   Valid
5 Allan McNab Lost Legion Valid
6 Allen Buehner Nerdhammer Valid
7 Andras Fulop   Valid
8 Anthony Chastenay Da Green Mountain Boyz Valid
9 Anthony Fasano   Valid
10 Anthony Servello Hammer Bros Valid
11 Anthony Valente   Valid
12 Brian McMillen McMillen Valid
13 Brian Moyer Da Boyz Withdrawn
14 Brian Ring   Valid
15 Chandler Parker Da Green Mountain Boyz Valid
16 Chris LaBelle CT Valid
17 Chris Lovell CT Valid
18 Chris O’Brien Lost Legion Valid
19 Chris Tesorio Hammer Bros Valid
20 Cory Walizer Shambling Horde Valid
21 Craig DeLauzon Turn 7 Valid
22 David Haldenwang Hammer Bros Valid
23 Drew Casertino Shambling Horde Withdrawn
24 Egbert Stolk Da Green Mountain Boyz Valid
25 Eric Shaefer Nerdhammer Valid
26 Even Moyer Da Boyz Withdrawn
27 Harry Herbert Herbert Valid
28 Jake Hutton   Valid
29 Jake Martin Darkstar Valid
30 Jarrett Messing Warmongers Valid
31 Jay Malvagno Turn 7 Valid
32 Jeff Durham   Valid
33 Jeff Foster Lost Legion Valid
34 Jim Ellsworth CT Valid
35 Joe Psillos Turn 7 Valid
36 John Chastenay Da Green Mountain Boyz Valid
37 John Franklin Canhammer Valid
38 Jon Green Lost Legion Valid
39 Josh Hankin Darkstar Valid
40 Justin Lengel Nerdhammer Valid
41 Keith Bonneau Darkstar Valid
42 Keith Conroy CT Valid
43 Kevin Coleman Warmongers Valid
44 Kyle Holman Shambling Horde Valid
45 Larry Mottola Warmongers Valid
46 Martin Orlando   Valid
47 Matt Bertolino CT Valid
48 Matt Perry Lost Legion Valid
49 Mike Herbert Herbert Valid
50 Mike Norton Da Boyz Withdrawn
51 Pat Hill CT Valid
52 Patrick McMillen McMillen Valid
53 Philip La Placa   Received
54 Rhys McDonald Darkstar Valid
55 Rob Allison   Valid
56 Robert Ruffner   Withdrawn
57 Roger Yohn CCG Valid
58 Scott Craig CT Valid
59 Scott Hancock Turn 7  
60 Todd Silber CT Withdrawn
61 Tom McMillen McMillen Valid
62 Travis Weyforth CCG Valid
63 Victor Baginski   Valid
64 David Lover Hammer Bros Valid

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      You should receive an email confirmation from Paypal. Then I’ll update this page every few days with the current list.

      I updated it last night so you should be up there!


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