Errata and Composition Restrictions

This page will be adjusted to accommodate new Army Books, FAQ’s or Rules Supplements as necessary.  Army lists are due April 11th so they may be checked.  Get them in on time, and have your friends double check them!

Rules will be following the ETC pack.  You can download it below.



These rules are locked in and will not change even if the ETC pack changes at this point.


20 thoughts on “Errata and Composition Restrictions”

  1. Regarding Storm Fiends for Skaven, and their cost in the 5 point pool choice… When building a list, one single unit of Storm fiends must consist of 3 units minimum.

    In this errata, it says after the first Storm Fiend MODEL additional MODELS are 1 extra pool choice.

    with it not being possible to have one single model of a Storm Fiend alone on the field, where does this leave a single Storm Fiend Unit cost for this competition?

    Or am I mistaken with the normal Storm Fiend rules?

    1. Hey Mike,
      The first unit of 3 stormfiends would be 2 choices. Another unit of 3 would be 3 more choices.

      The rating gun versions cost even more in the v3 comp whiCH just came out. I’ll post it up tonight.

      Make sense?


          1. Oh man, so Stormfiends are out of the question.. lol

            This might be a whiney question, but what is the purpose of a 5 dice cap on a spell cast attempt?

            Don’t you think that seems a little OP to skavens Dreaded 13th, seeing that its our staple?


          2. Ya, I play Skaven too and I’m not using stormfiends. Comped to hell.

            The 5 dice is to discourage the 6 dice big spells a little. I guess they feel it makes the magic more tactical.

            As for 13th, well, you can still get it off. The skaven magic without 13th is still super powerful. Oh, and I highly recommend taking a power scroll to help with that 25+. 🙂

  2. Is there a drop dead date in regards to ETC draft adoption for this tournament?

    Many of the guys in my area that I’ve spoken to are really concerned about how many new/different models will need to be painted/bought for this and they A) need enough time to make that happen and B) are concerned that they might see the comp later loosen and suddenly models they previously couldn’t take are now available (thus making their new painting/buy efforts pointless).


    1. That’s an issue with ETC – yes. Not too much we (or you) can do about it really. Just the nature of the beast. I will set a drop dead date, but it’ll be pretty close to the list submissions deadline. We want to use the newest pack if possible. So, the date will be March 29th, which is 2 weeks before the list deadline. I’ll update the website here to indicate as such.

      I’ve spoken with the AR and there should be the next version out in mid-March. However, I have no actual control over when this happens so although I hope that is the case I am at the mercy of the committee.

      All that said, they’ve been through 3 drafts already and I doubt things will drastically change from this point forward. If you plan on running Stormfiends, it’s my guess (as a Skaven player) that you might want to think twice before buying and painting them.

      1. Yeah, I hear you. For me personally its more things like HE RBTs being a pool choice in ANY quantity. I just can’t understand that logic and I’m trying. 6 multishots/1S6 shot is just as competitive as 24 multishots/4S6 shots?

        I’d rather not paint up Archers (….archers…) just to have a shooting phase and then find out they decide 1-2 RBTs is no pool choice but 3-4 is. That sort of thing. But, like you say, if Mid-March sees another draft and the UPGT deadline is March 29, that will be probably what gets locked in. Thanks!


  3. Hey Jon,

    As a Skaven player myself, I have been going through the ETC rules for my list.

    I see that the army specific rules begin to state that the new Vermin Lord and Armored Rat Ogres should be able to be used, but below it, in red, it states that I am not allowed to use the new Vermin Lords in this tournament.

    So where does that leave my Storm Fiends or Thanquol and Boneripper?

        1. If you have any specific questions we can give more specific answers. The way the pools work is that you can only take so many options from the pools in your army. For Warriors they have 5 pool choices. A chimera is a pool choice. If it also puts you above a certain number of flyers (2 I think) it counts as an additional pool choice. Does that help?

        2. Ya, what Noah said pretty much. Think of the pool choices as your “power combos” or something like that, and you are only allowed to take so many of them.

          Pretty similar to other types of comp restrictions where you can’t take certain combos, but this gives you more flexibility to pick which combos you want.

    1. James,
      Our goal each year is to have the comp mostly figured out by January 1st. With this End Times stuff going on though we are probably going to have to wait and see how it all shakes out first. So my apologies, but I cannor give you anything in way of details yet.


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