About Us

Who we are

Simply put, we're a gaming club based in Connecticut. Generally speaking, most of us live in the Hartford area.

We enjoy playing games, painting, attending events and tournaments, and generally being involved in the Warhammer community.

If you'd like to contact us about anything at all, we welcome you to make an account and post on the forums.

The unplugged story

A group of our original members ( Greg, Jeff, Jen, Jon, Mike and Peyton) were sitting around painting one night in Jon's basement.  We do these painting parties from time to time.  They're great fun for the socializing as well as the amount of painting you can get accomplished.  It was at a point where the group was aware that we wanted to start a club and thus needed a name.  The conversation at one point brought out that not a single person in the room had cable television.  We all attribute that as a major reason why we are able to get so many toys painted (and to a high standard might I add)!  The Unplugged Gamers were born that night.


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