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Chaple construction continues…

I’ve done a little more work on the chapel. I pulled off the mold from the shingles and it looks pretty good. There are a few tiny bubbles in it that surprised me, but they are really quite small so no worries.

Building the rear section took longer than I expected. I wasn’t really sure about how to incorporate the sloping roof from the main building to the new addition. I originally was going to keep it shorter, but it just seemed to grow on its own. Then I had to cut down the roof height of the extension to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and better shaped.

Now I will need to think about how to dress it to make it match the feel of the chapel. I’ll be edging it in wood (brick seems to heavy for a suspended piece) and I’ll be using another cast for the rear. But the sides are quite broad. I’ll need to add some windows of course. I’ll tackle the dressing next session.  I’ll see how I can use the dormer windows from the mold I made of the original from the kit.

Matching the GW style of wood is going to be a touch tricky since its got such deep grain that is really tightly spaced. I’ve done some testing and I think I have a method that will work well. And the nails on them are really prominent. I may need to use some kind of pins perhaps. They really stick out… ??


New Terrain for Next Unplugged GT

I’ve started a new, very large terrain project. It’s a fun chance for me to let my whim take me where it will. I’m going to upload pics along the way showing how I am progressing so enjoy the ride. *smile*

Here is one of the smallest mold boxes I have made to date. I want to reproduce the dormer from the Chaple or is it the Manon from the ‘Fortified Manor’ kit. **Did you know that this has been discontinued???*

I was going to pour the rubber for the mold, but then I realized I am out of pourable silicone rubber. So I decided to make a brush on mold. Smooth-On gave me some Brush-On 40 to try out. It’s a nice urethane rubber actually. Here is the start of the mold making:

The plan is the build an extension off the back of the chaple the is a 1/2 story taller. I want to match the chapel as much as possible so I am making molds of the roof shingles as well.

This is just a part of a much larger project, but I’ll explain it more as I go. :)

My New VC 2500 pt List

Here is the list.

Total Roster Cost: 2500

1 Master Necromancer , 200 pts = (base cost 165 + Level 4 Upgrade 35)

1 Earthing Rod , 25 pts

1 Talisman of Preservation , 45 pts

1 Vampire , 142 pts = (base cost 105 + Level 2 Upgrade 35 + Shield 2)

1 Sword of Striking , 15 pts

1 Glittering Scales , 25 pts

1 Beguile , 15 pts

1 Dread Knight , 10 pts

1 Aura of Dark Majesty , 25 pts

1 Vampire , 144 pts = (base cost 105 + Level 2 Upgrade 35 + Heavy Armour 4)

1 Sword of Swift Slaying , 25 pts

1 Enchanted Shield , 5 pts

1 Dragonbane Gem , 5 pts

1 Red Fury , 50 pts

1 Wight King (Battle Standard Bearer) , 114 pts = (base cost 85 + Shield 4 + Battle Standard Bearer 25)

1 Biting Blade , 10 pts

1 Armour of Fortune , 35 pts

16 Skeleton Warriors , 105 pts = 16 * 5 (base cost 5) + Skeleton Champion Sarge 15 + Musician Mus 10 + Standard Bearer Std 10

1 Skeleton Champion , 10 pts

39 Crypt Ghouls , 390 pts = 39 * 10

1 Crypt Ghast , 20 pts

60 Zombies , 185 pts = 60 * 3 (base cost 3) + Standard Bearer Std 5

60 Zombies , 180 pts = 60 * 3

9 Crypt Horrors , 342 pts = 9 * 38

1 Crypt Haunter , 48 pts

1 Spirit Host , 45 pts

1 Spirit Host , 45 pts

1 Mortis Engine , 240 pts = (base cost 220 + Blasphemous Tome 20)


Thoughts:  I didn’t want to take two lord choices and so put character points into fighty vamps and Wight.  The dread knight is intended to be survivable through challenges.  Opponents need ld check at -4 or reroll to hit vs WS 8 and -1 to hit to boot.   Should do fine against heroes (most needing rerolled 6′s to hit hopefully) for a few turns but not sure about lords.  The other vamp is the standard red fury with rerolls for striking first.  *Note: Dreadknight kit I picked up off a forum so can’t take credit for it.*

I thought about Greg’s suggestion for lore master but with the Mortise Engine, but I figure I will be using it to cast VC spells and won’t want to dedicate to a light caster.  Arguments against this are welcome as I don’t feel confident here.  If I have three VC casters, I should get double of a few spells and should be able to push through some if first attempt is scrolled or dispelled.  Still I find having enough dice for three casters doesn’t always work well so only upgraded one vamp to lv2 as a result.  Mortise engine tome bonus however tends to stretch the dice.  Plus lore attribute of VC will be helpful to keep the horrors, heroes and engine alive.  (Saying that, all of these things tend to die in a single turn so perhaps that is wishful thinking.)

Toying with idea of putting all heroes in a zombie unit to give it some real punch.  With only two zombies in front (5 wide and 12 rows deep) it will reduce easy combat res.  Saying that, none of the heroes are super survivable so I will have to chose my combats carefully.  No st5 troops I imagine.  Or do you think dump them in the ghouls, or split them between the two?  (Dreadknight in ghouls buys him a turn in an unfavorable challenge from the ghast, perhaps longer if I can bring him back)  I like the idea of people afraid of a zombie unit.  *grin*  A deep zombie unit may be hard to move/wheel however and stay in range of general and mortise engine so that is something to consider also.

With two hosts, and another big zombie unit, I should be able to control movement for  a few turns and I wanted to fit a pair of bats, but points were getting thin.

Anything scary comes my way and they eat crypt ghouls backed by the engine.  Skellies are the obvious bunker for the necromancer.

After all of that, I would be most amenable to dropping the BSB as I find his role is limited.  His high toughness tends to keep him around though.  Wanted to give him a fair save (5+ ward) to help that (thinking the zombie unit of death again) rather than a magic banner.  Really not sure about that at all however.

Well, that’s the thinking at least.  Feed back appreciated.


Recently I got in my mind to paint every zombie model I have and be done with them. Then I thought, why not go for a 100 model unit!?! Well, to dress up such an endeavor, I decided it needed a unit filler to match the Crypt Horrors…

My Colonial List

Well, since the lists are due tonight, I thought I would give you all a quick look and possible feedback.

The plan is to use fear to my advantage. (Making it a focus of the army should help me remember it as well!) The red fury vamp will be in the ghouls, the fear vamp in the skellies, and Kemmler in the Wights. Since I am afraid of warmachines targeting the mortise engine, the vargeists and vargulf are to provide a serious threat to the machines. The fear vamp in the skellies means opponents will have ld -1, roll leadership on 3 dice, and reroll passes. The mortise engine in same combat can scream more effectively as well. Cursed book gives me options outside of vampire lore (though random) and blasphemous tome on mortise engine will enable 3 lore of vampires casters to push through a variety of spells and more consistently bring back models.

With my play style (read – overwhelmed easily) fewer/larger units should be easier to manage. Deployment has mortise engine flanked by skellies and wights with ghouls holding flank.

Thoughts beyond this?

2500 Pts – Vampire Counts Roster
Total Roster Cost: 2499

Heinrich Kemmler (1#, 350 pts)
1 Heinrich Kemmler, 350 pts
Necromancer (1#, 100 pts)
1 Necromancer, 65 pts
1 The Cursed Book, 35 pts

Vampire (1#, 206 pts)
1 Vampire, 111 pts = (base cost 105 + Heavy Armour 4 + Shield 2)
1 Sword of Might, 20 pts
1 Talisman of Endurance, 30 pts
1 Aura of Dark Majesty, 25 pts
1 Fear Incarnate , 20 pts

Vampire (1#, 207 pts)
1 Vampire, 107 pts = (base cost 105 + Shield 2)
1 Sword of Striking, 15 pts
1 Armour of Fortune, 35 pts
1 Red Fury, 50 pts

Crypt Ghouls (39#, 400 pts)
38 Crypt Ghouls, 380 pts = 38 * 10
1 Crypt Ghast, 20 pts

Skeleton Warriors (36#, 235 pts)
35 Skeleton Warriors, 200 pts = 35 * 5 (base cost 5) + Skeleton Champion Sarge 15 + Musician Mus
10 + Standard Bearer Std 10
1 Skeleton Champion, 10 pts
1 Screaming Banner, 25 pts

Grave Guard (28#, 416 pts)
27 Grave Guard, 344 pts = 27 * 12 (base cost 11 + Great Weapon 1) + Musician Mus 10 + Standard
Bearer Std 10
1 The Banner of the Barrows, 50 pts
1 Seneschal, 22 pts = (base cost 21 + Great Weapon 1)

Fell Bats (2#, 32 pts)
2 Fell Bats, 32 pts = 2 * 16

Vargheist (3#, 138 pts)
3 Vargheists, 138 pts = 3 * 46

Mortis Engine (2#, 240 pts)
1 Mortis Engine, 240 pts = (base cost 220 + Blasphemous Tome 20)

Varghulf (1#, 175 pts)
1 Varghulf, 175 pts