#BeerMaW Entry Three – Druid

Now that my Undead army is all set for Lady of the Lake, Keystone, and any other upcoming events, I can focus my efforts on new projects. My nascent Forces of Nature army is calling to me at the moment.

I decided to paint up a Druid. This is a (metal) Reaper model that I quite like. She comes with an adorable familiar which I will most definitely be painting up as well. I followed the same color progressions as my Salamander model, with a few new colors (such as the orange hair), and I am pleased with the results. This was also my first time trying out the basing scheme. It will be a bit more complex on the large unit bases, but you can get the idea from the 20mm base. Given that this is a Nature army, I want the bases to be fairly busy. Please let me know your thoughts!


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