2017 UPGT – Awards

Congrats to all of our winners this weekend!

1st Overall – Keith Fox
2nd Overall – Corey Reynolds
3rd Overall – Alex Chaves

1st Appearance – Josh Rosado
2nd Appearance – Greg Person
3rd Appearance – Peyton Shipman

1st Sportsmanship – Kevin Spear
2nd Sportsmanship – Noah Nathanson
3rd Sportsmanship – Nick Scibetta

Made a Goblin Cry – Cory Walizer

Counter Charger (Average Joe) – Josh Rosado

Highest Attrition that didn’t win – Tony Chastenay

Most Scorpion Green clothing worn (our favorite color) – Ray Weiandt

The Wooden Spoon – John Chastenay


the 2017 Complete Hobbyist….. Bart Koehler!

Pictures and some video shots will be coming up soon.


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