2017 Unplugged GT

Things have been quiet on the UPGT front for awhile now but rest assured the gears are moving for the 2017 Unplugged GT.  I hope to have the date confirmed later this week and then we can start announcing some details (beyond the date I mean).  This is our 5th anniversary and we’re looking into some cool new options for this year.

I do apologize about the lack of updates.  I (Jon) recently moved to the Boston area and I’ve been displaced for months now, meaning I haven’t had any hobby time, planning time, or gaming time.  I hope that 2017 leaves me a little more available to work on some Kings of War armies (after they get unpacked from moving), attend some tournaments and generally be more involved.  Greg ran that awesome campaign in the fall and it really got the juices flowing to play more Kings of War.

So stay tuned for details shortly!


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