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My son was born in May and between that and the Unplugged GT in April I’ve been out of action in the hobby world for quite awhile now.  Slowly though, I’m getting back into the groove, finding a night here and there to paint and what not.  This evening I’m playing D&D online with the Shambling Horde guys and assembling some Malifaux minis.  Noah send me this Perdita crew a few weeks ago and I took them off the stock bases and moved them to the same style resin bases my Lady Justice crew is on.  Fun pinning and what not.

2016-06-30 19.50.42 2016-06-30 21.14.33


I’ve also been working on these Reaper Bones Kobolds that are almost done.  They’re silly but I like them.

2016-06-30 20.31.07


A Sigmarine for no reason in particular.  Perhaps for use as a golem in D&D? And the other guy is another b0nes model, most definitely for use in D&D.

2016-06-30 20.31.04

All of this is work in progress.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish some of these up over the holiday weekend.


Hey all,

During the first few days of my summer vacation I was able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to painting. And damn, does it feel good! I’ve painted more in the past few days than I have in the past few months.

I was able to complete my unit of Slayers. I know that Jeff is shaking his head while reading this, but, yes, five models technically forms a unit in Age of Sigmar. Not a good unit, mind you, but a legal unit all the same. I have another fifteen Slayer models that have been stripped and are ready to paint, so I may go back and bulk out the unit in the future. In the mean time, take a look at a ridiculous amount of orange.

Slayers - Group Shot

Slayer2 - 2

Slayer3 - 1

Slayer4 - 1

Slayer5 - 2

By the way, these photos were taken using my new light box. What are your thoughts as to the quality? I will try to post a review of the light box sometime soon.


Rebasing Continues + Wights


I’ve based the two hordes of Zombies and two regiments of Revenants.  I’m leaving off the soil for now so I can keep working towards getting my list ready for the doubles tournament.

For the Revenants I used 14 and staggered them 4/3/4/3.  This gives a nice view from a corner angle and looks good from head on.  Still, I couldn’t see fitting more and getting between them to work on the soil.  And it doesn’t leave much room for diorama elements.


The Sculptamold as a filler for the bases works pretty well, but it does warp when it dries.  I’ve never noticed it before on terrain uses.  The hordes in particular had very strong bows.  But bending them in the opposite direction breaks the Scultamold and they sit pretty flat now.

I’m not sure it’s the best material since it’s a little heavy for the hordes, but it gives the unit some heft which feels reminiscent of metal models.  Just don’t pick up the horde by a single model.  🙂

Not sure how the Cart of the Forsaken (just made that up) in the nearest unit didn’t end up in the middle.  🙁  I’ve been working on my models very late at night and it must have been a tired mistake.  Ce’ la vie.IMG_9232

Here are my wights.  All Reaper and by choosing from the same sculptor you can get a pretty cohesive look.  The ones in the back are Bones models and are larger than the front row.  But I think it still works o.k.  Who says you can’t have a small woman become a wight?  🙂

IMG_9228It has been a very long time since I painted a new unit.  I forgot how to paint.  Still figuring it out.

I should add that Bones models are definitely a trick to work with.  I opted to prime them and the primer stayed tacky.  (A known issue.)  I very, very lightly primed them knowing that primers have a hard time curing properly.  *shrug*  I also thought of ‘priming’ them with Army Painter Anti-shine just to give them a matte surface to paint over.  I’m going to try it on my other Bones miniatures.  We’ll see.

I’ve gone ahead and painted over it anyway and the paint layers kill the tackiness.

But I’ve had the paint pull away from itself when it dries in some places (poorly primed areas) leaving a crackle pattern.  Small areas, and another coat covers it fine, but still an issue.  But for $3/model I’m not complaining.


Slayer Test Model

Hey all,

I am slowly working my way back through the Age of Sigmar army I brought to the Holy Wars GT. In case you forgot, I only painted the models with a base coat and wash. The only exception was the unit of Longbeards, and I really love how those turned out.

I decided to turn my attention next to the Slayers. I am really excited about purchasing Fyreslayers in the future, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to test out a recipe for the orange beards/mohawks.

I know that the lighting is a bit harsh, but please let me know what you think of the model. I’d love any feedback, but especially your thoughts on the orange.





2016 Unplugged GT – Final Results

Someone mentioned to me last night that the final results for the UPGT never got posted this year.  I really thought I had posted them at the end of the event, before we even left the hotel.  Doh!

Place Name Army Battle Paint Sports Bonus Overall
1 Kyle Brock Ratkin 69 18 4 5 96
2 Mike Rossi Dwarfs 73 13 4 5 95
3 Erik Rutins Dwarfs 71 13 4 5 93
4 Kevin Spear Brotherhood 62 12 8 5 87
5 Alex Chaves Dwarfs 64 13 2 5 84
6 Jon Green Ratkin 63 7 7 5 82
7 Greg Person Goblins 56 16 5 5 82
8 Cory Walizer Varangur 60 13 3 5 81
9 Bart Koehler Goblins 55 13 7 5 80
10 Chris Murphy Undead 55 16 3 5 79
11 Jim Ellsworth Elves 59 9 5 5 78
12 Michael Moran Basillea 57 12 1 5 75
13 Peyton Shipman Rhordia 46 17 1 5 69
14 Jake Hutton Undead 44 15 5 5 69
15 Ryan Burch Elves 50 7 4 5 66
16 Keith Conroy Ogres 50 8 2 5 65
17 Nick T Undead 45 15 0 5 65
18 John Chastenay Elves 44 10 2 5 61
18 Pat Hill Abyssals 44 12 0 5 61
20 Mike Lambros Brotherhood 43 11 1 5 60
21 Tony Chastenay Salamanders 43 7 3 5 58
22 Scott Craig Forces of Nature 38 11 3 5 57
23 Mike Austin (W) Elves 40 8 0 5 53
24 Oliver Tinsman Kingdoms of Men 33 7 5 5 50
25 Adam Steele Empire of Dust 33 10 0 5 48
26 Mike Tiskus Undead 28 11 2 5 46
27 Brian Ring (W) Nightstalkers 27 11 0 5 43
28 Jeremy Filner Basillea 8 0 3 5 16

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KOW Movement Trays – My Conversion to diorama bases – prt 2

Before getting too much farther ahead, I wanted to get some soil down on a tray to get a feel of how easy the process is.  Getting paint, glue and soil between all the mini’s might be tough (it’s a little tricky in areas) and could affect my density of minis going forward.

First a base coat.  The sculptamold soaks thin paints like a stain on wood, but that leaves the high points a little lighter colored.  I’ve tried to find a color that would match the soil, but even a mottled look should be ok.



Having done a lot of reading on high end terrain/diorama artists I’ve consistently seem them use fine soil (actual soil) for their basing.  The scale is much more appropriate and depending on the look desired, it comes pre-colored.  (You can add pigments to it if you want to alter the color.)

Since this will be my technique for all my future terrain work, this is a great time to start practicing.  I dried a cupful of soil from my garden and then sifted it, and sifted it again, and then made my own ultrafine mesh to get the particle size small enough.  I punched hundreds of very small holes (~.5mm or so) in a sheet of copper screen for crafts.  Sifting was too slow so I punched another hundred or so.

Between making the screen and all the sifting, it took a little while.  IMG_9042

It took two applications to get good coverage.  Using thin glue, it didn’t cover the high points very well (similar to the paint).  Extra challenge – get it all covered before areas start drying.  I want to get this down to a single application if I can.

First layer was soaked with dilute pva and before it was dry I sprinkled on the second layer.  Second layer was much faster as a result and I might adopt the technique for the first layer using a syringe.

This photo shows the color pretty well but it’s not exactly right.  I’ll need to white balance my camera for the next shots.


I really, really like the effect.  So much more natural and realistic.  If you soak the second layer to lock it down the color darkens a lot.  Looks like damp soil.  I though it was too dark for my tastes so I left the soil as is on the trays.  It seems to be bonded pretty well once the loose bits are brushed off.  IMG_9041

Styrene strips have arrived so tray assembly ‘should’ go quicker now.

KOW Movement Trays – My Conversion to diorama bases

I didn’t see any trays on the market that I liked.  I’m not a fan of frames,  and I wanted to incorporate a damage tracker that didn’t affect the tray or the minis.  I want my trays to match the exact dimensions spelled out in the rules.  The best accuracy I have achieved for the following trays is about +1/-1mm, so pretty close.

I decided to build my own from styrene.  Cutting the styrene adds some time though.  I’ve been cutting the side wall strips using the Dupli-cutter and the Chopper II(a publically viewable reveiw is on my Patreon Page –  I’ve since ordered some strips that are close in size.  😉


Finally get my corpse cart on the table!


16 zombies feels pretty full since I’ll need to get in between them to finish the soil and vegetation on the base.


Dice tray for recording damage hangs on lip of the movement tray.  Fits snug and feels great when moving.  The walls of the dice tray feel a touch short but hold the dice pretty well.  I might make them .5mm taller.

2016 UPGT – Round 5 Pairings

2016 Unplugged GT

Round 5 Pairings

Name Table 5 Battle 5 Battle
Adam Steele 11 28
Alex Chaves 2 59
Bart Koehler 8 40
Brian Ring (W) 27
Chris Murphy 6 41
Cory Walizer 3 51
Erik Rutins 1 65
Greg Person 7 41
Jake Hutton 9 38
Jeremy Filner 13 5
Jim Ellsworth 4 47
John Chastenay 5 41
Jon Green 5 46
Keith Conroy 9 36
Kevin Spear 3 51
Kyle Brock 2 54
Michael Moran 4 49
Mike Austin (W) 40
Mike Lambros 11 28
Mike Rossi 1 59
Mike Tiskus 13 11
Nick T 10 33
Oliver Tinsman 12 28
Pat Hill 8 39
Peyton Shipman 7 41
Ryan Burch 6 44
Scott Craig 12 23
Tony Chastenay 10 35