WIP Wednesday – Disappointment

I had always intended to do a big write up about my thoughts on Age of Sigmar.  As it panned out I was never able to do that.  Had nothing to do with Age of Sigmar mind you, more just the usual summer routine of parties, house work, yard work and other projects keeping my hobby time to near zero.  Let me just sum it up with a quick paragraph, since after having played and seen the rules and the new models I feel this is what it comes down to.

The game is entirely uninspired, and uninspiring.  The rules are completely lazy, and they are a mockery of carrying the name “Warhammer” in the title.  While I thoroughly enjoy the idea of an army of holy warriors with a semi-angelic theme, the idea of Sigmar’s Space Marines is so disappointing I can’t even find a better word to describe it.  All of the releases this far have been “sigmarines” with new weapons.  They all look almost identical.  And the rules?  Well, just like every other model in the game now, are equally as boring.

So whats the WIP this week?  Well, I assembled this chap:

2015-07-29 21.37.32and I intend to paint him.  Why?  Well I’m not entirely sure since I can’t see myself playing Age of Sigmar unless something drastically changes.  Perhaps for a D&D figure?

I hope to try out Kings of War soon.  It seems to be the last hope for a massed fantasy combat game that doesn’t suck.

Dejected; disappointed; disillusioned,



Age of Sigmar: Finished Unit of Blightkings

Hey guys,

When I started painting these guys (er…things?) in April, I elected to keep them off their bases because of the rumors concerning the impending shift to round bases in warhammer fantasy. I am glad that I held off on putting them on 40mm square, because I think they look pretty boss on 40mm rounds. This is easily my favorite unit of miniatures that I have ever painted. They ooze character (literally and figuratively). They are also a shameless excuse to employ excessive amounts of SCORPION GREEN paint. As if I had any shame, or needed any excuse…

Enjoy these pics. I am now officially 15 wounds deep into painting my Nurgle warband for Age of Sigmar. One-hundred-and-ten more wounds to go in order to meet the emerging tournament standard army. Next up: Nurglings and converted Nurgle Warriors of Chaos.

Oh yeah, two quick things. The bases still need grass/tufts and the Nurgling in the belly of that one guy needs to be repainted (blue) to match the Nurgling unit that I am painting. And the guts surrounding said Nurgling needs to be repainted SCORPION GREEN, obviously).

Blightkings - 1 Blightkings - 2 Blightkings - 3 Blightkings - 4 Blightkings - 5 Blightkings - 6 Blightkings - 7

My First Foray into Age of Sigmar

Before I begin, let’s get a few things straight. As it currently stands, I am not much of a fan of Age of Sigmar. I have played a handful of games, both with and without comp, and walked away unimpressed. I have been both pleased and disappointed with different aspects of the new models, but am not going to purchase any of them. I’ve also been excited by the superb quality of the hardback book, but do not plan to drop $70 on it.

That being said, I like the idea of painting up a small Dwarf, er… Duardin, army. So, I’m going to do it. Because really, why not?

I have a nice collection of metal Dwarfs that have been sitting on the shelf for quite a while now. These are some of my favorite all time models. They are also the reason why I delved into Warhammer in the first place, fifteen years ago.

First up is a Longbeard Musician. I actually painted this guy over a year ago. I’m really pleased with the color scheme and execution. Last night I pried him off of his square base and put him on a 25mm round base that I found hidden among my hobby clutter. I’m really not sure where it came from, and it’s the only one I have! I used the Citadel Texture “Stirland Mud” on the base. It has a nice consistency/texture and is easy to paint up with a black wash and a few earthy highlights.

Longbeard Musician - 1

Longbeard Musician - 2

I’m looking forward to painting up nine more of these guys to make a unit. The only hiccup in the plan is that I forgot to write down the color recipes, and my memory is slightly fuzzy…

Thanks for taking a look!

The Last Unit for My Orcs and Goblins?

This weekend several of the Unplugged Gamers will be making the trek to the inaugural Vermont GT. As this event is taking place just one week after the release of Age of Sigmar, the decision was made months ago to play 8th edition with ETC comp/restrictions.

With so much of the community in an uproar over Age of Sigmar, and many established Tournament Organizers uncertain which direction their events will go, it is very likely that this will be my last “Warhammer” tournament. Therefore, I set about writing an army list that includes a Level One Wizard on the Lore of Undeath, as this would give me a reason to paint the characterful Titan-Forge models that have been collecting dust in my hobby room for over a year.

My original plan was to paint a unit of 20 Zomblins (Zombies), a unit of 3 Undead Trolls (Crypt Horrors), and a unit of 3 Winged Abominations (Vargheists). Unfortunately, time constraints prevented me from accomplishing this endeavor. However, several five hour painting sessions in the final days leading up to the tournament have paid off, and I am pleased to present my unit of 20 Zomblins!

Da Shamblin' Horde - 1

Da Shamblin' Horde - 2

Da Shamblin' Horde - 3

This unit is lovingly dedicated to the Shambling Horde, the unofficial arch-nemesis of the Unplugged Gamers. It’s serendipitous that my round one opponent at the Vermont GT is going to be Cory Walizer!

Assuming that this is the final 8th edition event, then this will be the last unit that I paint for my Orcs and Goblins army. If Crossroads or other regional GTs decide to carry on with 8th edition then I will continue to add to my collection. Time will tell!

WIP Wednesday – A New Beginning

So last night on Twitter, I hinted at starting something new.  With this being WIP Wednesday, and actually having time to paint, I finally can share a bit of what has been in the works.

With the rumors of Age of Sigmar not looking good, I took a contingency plan to take a look at other game systems.  I wasn’t able to get practice games in with any but did quite a bit of research on all the “major” Warhammer alternatives.

Warmachine/Hordes appears to have the best ruleset for competitive play (something I personally love) and quite a large local following, the hobbyist in me just can’t stand about 75% of the models produced.  The inconsistency between what looked like old, old metal models and newer plastic kits was a big discouraging.  I will likely still try out Warmachine at some point, but at least for now, I feel no desire to paint anything from that range.

Malifaux seems like an interesting game system, but I personally am not into the models.  So again, dismissed this for I have no desire to paint anything there either.

I dismissed Infinity as well for similar reasons, and the gameplay there seems a bit strange.

So where does that leave us?  Starting a new fantasy army probably wasn’t smart, given everything going on.  Kings of War is appealing, but I can just use all my existing models (up to ~7000pts of painted Dark Elves so plenty of flexibility there).  There was only one thing left for me to explore.

I made the mistake to troll through the 40k models on the GW site one day.  I loved the idea of having vehicles to carry all my dudes around, and flying fighters to rain havoc on my enemies.  Without knowing anything about how the game plays, or what armies are “good”, I looked through the existing model ranges for each faction (including what, at the time, seemed like a silly amount of “Marine” factions).  I stopped at Orks and thought they would be an absolute BLAST to paint.  The models all have so much character, and they have what I could only describe as Evil Dumptrucks for transports.  But it wasn’t until I looked through the Dark Eldar (go figure…) that I knew this was for me.

I think the Dark Eldar range has the best combination of vehicles, purely based on aesthetics.  Their infantry are all interesting, and I could even bring some of the new Harlequins along with me at some point down the line.

After talking with Jon, who already owns TWO 40k armies (shocking, right?), he also expressed some interest in playing a 40k demo game.  We turned to Todd to help guide us through (and to lend me some models to use).

Last Monday we played a 1000pt game of Dark Eldar vs. Dark Angels.  I had no clue what I was doing (and neither did Jon, starting with his illegal list).  But Todd walked us through each step of the process and after a couple hours, I removed all but 1 of Jon’s models.  Turns out though, that nearly tabling your opponent in 40k means nothing, as Jon captured the most expensive objective and “Won” the game with a single dude.

The gameplay was fast and hectic, just like I imagine warfare 40,000 years past the fantasy world would be.  At this point, I would say I was “hooked”.  Not to play, necessarily, but to paint those fantastic models,

So, with that 578 word introduction, I bought my “codex” first and immediately read the fluff (at the suggestion of Peyton who was right, the 40k fluff is great).  Power Gamer Pat has not read 1 sentence of his Dark Elf fluff, but read through all of this before seeing how “Good” my units are.  Made myself a 1000pt shopping list, based ENTIRELY on how bad I want to paint the different units in the book.  Todd will likely tell you my list is terrible and probably won’t win.  That is just fine with me.

I shopped on Ebay and grabbed myself a mini rulebook and ordered some cheap models I know I want eventually.  Todd was also willing to unload a lot of his unpainted stuff, and i grabbed anything that fit my initial list.  Which gives us this:


I now have 40 Kabal Warriors, a leader, 3 jetbikes and 2 venoms (light transports).  These were all a part of my initial list, and I was excited to have them.

Next thing to decide on was color scheme.  As you all know with my Dark Elves, I neglected going with the traditional purple in favor of lots and lots of Khorne red. The goal for this particular army is to use a completely different color palette and try out some new techniques.  That and try to keep things to the standard of my last few fantasy models (chariots/shade conversion), or better.  I, again, strayed away from any of the default color schemes in the codex in search for something more original, when I heard a faint whisper  through the smoke of an E-cig say “needs more scorpion green”.

I decided on a purple (ironic, I know) and scorpy green scheme for the infantry.  The vehicles will be mostly white/ivory with scorpy green edging and purple “graffiti”.  Bright, bold colors sounds fun.

Tonight, the painting began, with what will just be a speed painted test model.  Here is where he is at:


Working on the gun and knee pads now, then it will be time for shading and highlighting his battlesuit.  The color palette I plan on using (mostly) is:


So far, it has been an absolute joy painting him.  It has been quite a while since I sat and planned how to paint a new model from scratch.  Quite a refreshing feeling.

Now, before I close out this post (and since I haven’t hit 1000 words yet), let me say this:

I am not abandoning fantasy due to AoS or any other reason.  I just do not have a desire to own any more fantasy models right now.  I have more dark elves (including at least 30 of every cav or infantry unit except black guard) than I will ever field, and also have ~2500pts of VC ready to go as well.  I wanted to paint something new, and try out a new game as well.  In the event that AoS doesn’t pan out, what is important to me is to keep gaming with the people that make it fun.  If that means switching systems, so be it.  But for now, I am super excited to paint some new stuff, and can’t wait to see this army take shape.

Look on twitter for more updates on my test model as the night/week goes on.

Thanks for reading, take care all!

WIP Wednesday – More Griffon

This isn’t really a work in progress.  However, it’s something I’ve been meaning to do.  Never mind the fact that I have nothing that I’m working on currently to show off.  :-)

Now, quite a few months ago now I had gotten a new photo backdrop and done a review about the difference it made in my image quality.  Shortly after I had gone through and taken pictures of about half of the models in my High Elf army.  I never edited and posted them though!!  This first batch is now available in the Pictures section of the website under “Jon’s Stuff”.  I’m going to create some posts pointing out a few of them so I can speak more to a few particular models.

A while back I had painted a pair of High Elf Griffons for Templecon/Onslaught GT.  One was a Prince, the other was my Noble BSB.  I wanted to do these first because a) nobody uses Griffons and b) a fellow gamer had asked me to post some close up shots of them.  Sorry it took so long to get these out!!

These both come from the Island of Blood set.  For the Prince I cut the banner off of the lance, the BSB got to keep his strange lance-banner.  Other than that they are pretty much straight from the box.  I’m really not that into doing modeling/conversions, I just like to paint.

The paint scheme is relatively simple.  The body and the basecoat on the wings were done with an airbrush using various shades of browns.  The wings and feathers then got a wash, and a progression of about 4 drybrushes all the up to white.  I used a detail brush to pick out the very tips and some feather strokes in white as well.  The rider was painted by hand.

I did use pictures of birds for color reference.  I’m no bird expert so I can’t tell you exactly what I used as a reference but google images was great for finding some sample images.  For example, I used that to figure out how the eyes should look, and what a realistic wing color pattern would be.  One thing I always struggle with is contrast, something to make the model really pop.  That’s why I went all the way up to white on the highlights.  It seems a bit crazy, but that final highlight is relatively small and it really helps separate out the shades from the highlights.  If the shade color was darker that wouldn’t be necessary but the medium brown really needed to get serious highlighting to avoid looking muddy.

Well that’s my explanation.  On to some pictures!

Solstice 2015 Results!

SolsticeAnd so, as Morrslieb finally reaches it’s zenith, blotting out Mannslieb and the Sun, the world takes on a greenish hue that grows more intense as the Forces of Disorder wreak havoc all around civilization.  The Heroes of Order and all the good people look up in awe and horror as their vision darkens and their nightmares take shape.  The Solstice is at hand….

Team DisorderTeam Disorder narrowly squeaked out a victory at the Solstice event.

Here are the results:
Team Disorder Battle Points:  263
Team Order Battle Points:  247

Player Results:

Team Order
Name Army Battle Points Awards/Recognitions
Peyton Shipman High Elves 70 Savior Of Light
Todd Silber Wood Elves 65
Chris Lovell Empire 45
Kevin Spear Bretonnia 40 Favorite Player
Greg Person Vampire Counts 27 Favorite Army\Betrayer of Disorder
Team Disorder
Name Army Battle Points Awards/Recognitions
Kyle Brock Skaven 69 Bringer of Darkness
Jon Vanase Daemons of Chaos 60
Charles Slayden Tomb Kings 52
Pat Hill Dark Elves 47
Chris LaBelle Dwarfs 35 Betrayer of Order

This was the my first event I have ever hosted, I really enjoyed putting it all together and watching it all pan out.  Everyone who participated was really awesome and I enjoyed watching the hilarity of their games.  Not sure I haven’t heard that much laughter and shenanigans at an event.  Though maybe it’s always there and I never noticed it as much as a player because I’m too focused in my current match.  Hosting an event does offer a different perspective on the game and community.  But I digress, I really do hope everyone that came had a good time and I do want to do thing again, but mostly that depends on what 9th edition brings.  Perhaps in the darkness of Morrslieb, the war drums will sound again….

WIP Wednesday – Movement trays

Although movement trays are not typically that exciting for me they are a big deal this week.  I haven’t had a lot of time lately for hobby, so to be able to sit down for a couple of days to build and paint these has felt good.

With 9th edition (or whatever it gets called) around the corner will I need these trays anymore?  That’s yet to be seen I guess.  In the meantime I had already purchased them, and I needed 2 for the Solstice event this weekend so I figured I might as well paint them up.  These trays are for my Daemons of Chaos army.

Tomorrow I’ll drybrush and add some tufts and they will be good to go.

2015-06-17 21.44.00