Kings of War Campaign – Week Eight

The eighth week of the campaign represented the last regular campaign turn. It was a mad scramble to claim last minute shards and experience points. The players did not know what would be in store for them the following week, but knew with a desperate certainty that they would need all the help they could get!


On the outskirts of the Hunter’s Wood, the Abyssal Dwarfs and Elves fought with reckless abandon. In the end, Ar’noth prevailed. He strode victorious into the heart of the Wood, where the Green Lady gifted him with a shard of the Fenulian Mirror for his bravery.



Perhaps it was madness that drove him to it, but Istvaan once again led his Ogres into the harsh sands of the Hadross Desert. There, he was forced into brutal conflict with the Abyssals who, under the cruel leadership of Apollyon, proved too difficult to defeat. In the wake of the battle, however, Istvaan abandoned his kin and roamed the desert, spying the telltale glint of a shard of the Fenulian Mirror poking out from beneath the dunes.



On the main crossroads of Valundar, the Undead waged war against the Rhordians. The fight was cagey, with each General making careful, calculated moves. The resultant draw left both Generals free to explore the territory, and each General discovered one of the precious few remaining shards of the Fenulian Mirror.



Last, but certainly not least, the Forces of Nature stormed the Goblin Hills in the Northeastern corner of Valundar. The cunningly cruel Goblins put up a hasty yet vicious defense of their homeland. In the end, Lord Adular took their leader captive and forced him to lead the way through the tunnels to the fabled Goblin treasure hoard. In the end, Adular recovered an impressive three shards of the Fenulian Mirror, among other loot.




When the dust settled, the standings were as follows:

Jon, Peyton, Keith – 5
Chris, Jim – 4
Scott – 3
Kevin – 0

Tomorrow marks the final campaign turn, in which the Generals will be forced into an epic struggle to determine the future of Valundar, and perhaps even Mantica itself! Stay tuned for updates!


Kings of War Campaign – Week Seven

The seventh week of the campaign was perhaps the most exciting yet, with many Generals walking away from the turn with upgraded units and newly discovered (or stolen) shards of the Fenulian Mirror. This was also the first week that EVERYONE was in attendance!


Lord Ar’noth and the Elves ventured into the Goblin Hills to challenge Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg and the Rhordians. The fighting was fierce, and the casualties were many. Much to his dismay, Ar’noth could not “win one for the Gipper.” As he prepared to swoop in on his mighty Dragon and claim an objective (thereby securing a draw), he was shot in the back by the Goblins, waivered, and lost the battle. In the aftermath, Lord Baranabus received a shard of the Fenulian Mirror from exploring the Goblin Hills. It seems an unlikely friendship may have formed between the two short-statured races.



Istvaan and the Ogres headed up to the Northern Plains of Valundar to challenge Lord Adular and the Forces of Nature. The Unicorn commander put up a valiant fight, but in the end was forced to retreat as the Ogres relentlessly crashed into his defenses. Istvaan went on to explore the only known human settlement on the island, threatening the Stablemaster into giving him two shards of the Fenulian Mirror, and then promptly eating him.




Further South, the Abyssals finally came to blows with the Abyssal Dwarves. Once thought to be coordinating their campaigns in Valundar, the two mighty armies clashed with the force of a hammer blow on a red hot forge. The battle was tense, with both sides gaining the advantage only to have it taken away time and again. In the end, Apollyon reigned victorious, stealing a shard of the Fenulian Mirror from Hazdra’khan for his impudence.



To the East, Long Toof da Blood Drinka found his Undead army ambushed by the native Goblin tribes. Springing forth from the tunnels originally constructed by Halflings, the Goblins proved only a minor annoyance. The disciplined ranks of Undead responded with emotionless efficiency, spilling Goblin blood across the countryside. Long Toof himself slaughtered a pack of ravenous Maw Beasts and found a shard of the Fenulian Mirror that had been swallowed by one of the brutish creatures.

The current standings are:

Jon – 5
Peyton, Keith – 4
Jim – 3
Chris – 2
Kevin, Scott – 0

Tomorrow will be the last NORMAL day of the campaign!


Kings of War Campaign – Week Five

The intensity was turned up as the campaign entered its fifth week. Lord Commander Adular and the Forces of Nature reemerged from the mists, striking at the Undead with newfound purpose. Inspired by their first victory, Ar’noth guided his Elves to set an ambush for the unsuspecting Rhordians. Meanwhile, both Hazdra’Khan and Istvaan attempted to lead their armies to the peninsula, and so were forced into conflict upon the hot sands of the Hadross Desert.


The Forces of Nature quickly advanced across the battlefield, only to hastily retreat in the face of Long Toof’s might. What appeared to be indecision and foolishness on the part of the Forces of Nature turned out to be the tactical brilliance of Lord Commander Adular. The Forest Shamblers, Tree Herders, Griffon, and Owlbear launched coordinated strikes that ground the Undead bones to dust. Long Toof da Blood Drinka was forced to cut his losses and retreat to the safety of his warship, confident that his practitioners of the dark arts could rebuild his Undead legion over time.







Elsewhere, the Elves cut down the Rhordians with cold efficiency. Arrows rained down across the battlefield, finding purchase in the exposed flesh of the heavily armoured Rhordians with unnerving accuracy. Early on, Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg was forced to abandon the battlefield after suffering a rather painful broken wrist. In the end, only Lord Reginald, the aged Rhordian wizard, was left standing. He slunk away with his head held high. In the wake of his second victory, Ar’noth was gifted with a shard of the Fenulian Mirror by the spirit of Elithanora herself. She must have seen purity within his soul.



The harsh conditions of the desert took a severe toll on the Abyssal Dwarves, as their heavy armour burdened them and their automatons struggled to trek across the sand. The Ogres, meanwhile, were used to dealing with extreme climate and pressed their advantage. As the Abyssal Dwarves fled the desert, Istvaan became obsessed with finding the fabled oasis. He struck out on his own and wandered for days. He was eventually discovered by his fellow Ogres, huddled in the fetal position, running a terrible fever, and muttering incoherently to himself. Although he was nursed back to health, it is rumored that his mind simply “isn’t all there.”



The current standings are:

Peyton – 3
Jon, Keith, Jim – 2
Kevin – 1
Chris, Scott – 0

Looking forward to Week Six!

Kings of War Campaign – Week Four

The intensity of the fighting increased significantly in the fourth week of the campaign. As the Generals began to familiarize themselves with the layout of the terrain, they found all manner of ways to hunt down, trap, or evade their enemies. Battle broke out across the center of the island, with Apollyon and his Abyssals challenging Duke Baranabus Mumblepeg and the Rhordians, Hazdra’Khan and his Abyssal Dwarfs launching an attack on the Undead of Long Toof da Blood Drinka, and the Elves of Ar’noth stalking after Istvaan and his Ogre tribe.


The fierce ranged attacks of the Abyssals proved devastating for the Rhordians. Halflings headed for the hills as bolts of lightning scorched across the battlefield with alarming speed. In the few melees which took place the Rhordians exacted revenge. In the end, despite winning the battle, Apollyon decided to pull his minions back and allow the humans and halflings to tend to their wounds. After the battle, Ba’su’su sneaked off to investigate the surrounding countryside. It is believed that he may have, indeed, come across a shard of the Fenulian Mirror. However, in his vanity he was consumed with gazing upon his reflection until he could feel Apollyon’s summons, at which point he tossed the shard and flew back to the monstrous daemon.



Meanwhile, the Abyssal Dwarfs and Undead took to battle with grim determination. Neither side was willing to cede an inch of territory to their enemy, and the combats were dragged out with bloody consequences. As the dust settled on the battlefield, no clear winner could be determined. After the battle, Hazdra’khan realized his precious shard of the Fenulian Mirror had been stolen during the previous night. With an impressive fury, he smashed apart the nearby Armory until he discovered a replacement. Heading to the Gatehouse, Long Toof stumbled upon an ancient journal containing many descriptions (and pictures… he’s illiterate) of the trials and tribulations of Captain Grizzlebeard Brandywine, the famed halfling leader of Valundar’s highway patrol. Delighted, he felt better prepared to Inspire his troops to victory.




After suffering many defeats, Ar’noth’s tactical prowess gave the Elves just the advantage they needed to achieve a victory against Istvaan and the Berserkers. To be fair, he was also aided by the local Goblin tribes, who popped out of their myriad tunnels at just the right moments to rain destruction on the Ogres with their arrows and war trombones. As the battle drew to a close, Ar’noth dismounted from his trusty Dragon and decided to enter the Goblin tunnels. After a few hours of wandering his was ambushed by a ravenous pack of mawbeasts. After a close brush with death he cut down the last of the mawbeasts and discovered a shard of the Fenulian Mirror among the bones in the lair of the vile creatures.





The current standings are:

Peyton – 3
Jon, Keith, Jim – 2
Kevin – 1
Chris, Scott – 0

It’s still anyone’s campaign as we cross into the second half of the adventure!

Kings of War Campaign – Week Three

The third week of the campaign began with Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg finally crossing the wide Olmec river and branching out to explore the rest of Valundar. Istvaan and his Ogres, riled up into a blood frenzy after quashing the Abyssals, immediately pounced on the unsuspecting Barnabus.

Apollyon and his Abyssals retreated into the depths of Blackfoul Swamp, where he thought it might be safe. However, Long Toof da Blood Drinka was confident that the swamp would pose no challenge to his legion of Undead, and pursued the Abyssals.

Hazdra’Khan finally came back to his senses and returned to Valundar, launching a surprise attack on the Elven Host of Ar’noth.

Lord Adular, deeply perturbed after his crushing defeat at the hands of the Rhordians, went into hiding to consult the oracles and divine his next maneuver.


Growing overconfident after his first victory, Istvaan’s Ogres were routed by the might of the Halfling Iron Beast, duly named “Sweet’um’s Revenge” and the devastating impact of the Honor Guard. In the wake of his victory, Duke Baranabus bathed in the refreshing waters of Lake Anduil, where the spirit of Elithanora guided him to a shard of the Fenulian Mirror stuck in the mud.



Apollyon redeemed himself through daemonic trickery, luring the Undead forces into the swamp where their troops got stuck in the muck. Though Long Toof had crafted a cunning battle plan, he was forced to watch it fall to pieces as his troops failed to follow his orders. Apollyon then explored the putrid waterfall. Though he did not find any shards of the Fenulian Mirror, his corporeal form was coated in a permanent stench which is certain to break the resolve of any who dare approach him.


The Abyssal Dwarfs and the Elves held nothing but the deepest contempt for one another, and took to the field of battle with reckless abandon. When the dust settled, so grave were the casualties that neither side could claim victory. A begrudging truce was formed, though who knows for how long it will hold. For his troubles, Ar’noth found a Blade of Slashing buried among the rubble of the ancient civilization.


The current standings are:

Peyton – 3
Jon, Keith – 2
Jim, Kevin – 1
Chris, Scott – 0

Additionally, Jim became the first player to have any of his units accumulate five victory points and be awarded Veteran Status! His Bolt Thrower gained Superior Ammunition, giving it the Vicious special rule. His Mage was bestowed with a family heirloom, which gave him access to a magical artefact worth 15 points or less. And Arnoth the Dragon Lord unlocked a new tactical ability.

Kings of War Campaign – Week Two

In the second week of the campaign, Istvaan and his tribe of Ogre Braves finally made their way to Valundar. Meanwhile, Hazdra’Khan, Abyssal Grotestque Champion of ill-repute, was so dazed by his blow to the head that he ordered his army to set sail and circle the perimeter of the island. His soldiers reportedly saw him pacing the deck muttering, “bees, bees, bees,” under his breath. They wisely decided to keep their distance.

The entire island was engulfed in conflict as the Generals tried to claim territorial control over various landmarks where they hoped the shards of the Fenulian Mirror might rest.


Lord Commander Adular and his forces of nature led an assault on Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg and his soldiers of Rhordia. This move proved to be a terrible mistake, as the invasion was handily repelled by the alliance of humans and halflings. Duke Barnabus was even rewarded with a shard of the Fenulian Mirror for ridding the forest of these misguided beasts.




After landing on the island, Istvaan immediately sought out the mightiest enemy, Apollyon of the Abyssals. The gruesome battle wrought much destruction across the land, and resulted in such a resounding victory for the Ogres that Apollyon was forced to secede one of his shards of the Fenulian Mirror to placate the brutal Istvaan.




Elsewhere on the island, the Elves and Undead clashed in violent conflict. Though the forces of Long Toof da Blood Drinka emerged victorious, the casualties sustained on both sides were so fierce that an uneasy alliance was struck between the Vampiric Orc and Ar’noth the Dragon Lord.





The standings at the end of Week Two were as follows:

Jon, Peyton, Keith – 2
Kevin, Jim – 1
Scott, Chris – 0