WIP Wednesday – DE Prep for Grimfoe

With Grimfoe (which I have heard is the region’s best 1-dayer) coming up this saturday there is lots to do to get the army ready.  I have gone through a dramatic shift in lists and thus a lot more painting is required.  Tonight’s mission is to get the basing on my 2 remaining bolt throwers taken care of.

I painted these BTs a couple weekends ago but haven’t yet had a chance to base them.  Sticking with the rest of the army, they just have a simple small rock and fine sand basing mixture.  Rocks sprinkled on first and sand to coat remaining spaces.

After these dry (overnight), I will basecoat with Baneblade Brown, wash with Agrax Earthshade and highlight with Baneblade then Screaming Skull.

The BTs themselves are old 5th ed (I think?) DE bolt throwers with 7th Ed spearmen as crew (because who is REALLY going to use spearmen these days?).  I got these second hand for virtually nothing but they were not in the best shape at all.  As such, they got a quick, simple paint job to get them on the table.  This will allow me to see if I like the 4 BT based lists and invest in a pair of nice models to go with my other dwarf ones.

Without any more rambling, here are the pics!

BT_pair BT_single

Top Painted armies from Bragging Rights

Here are a few shots of the army I brought to Bragging Rights this year. Our team ended up winning Best Appearance. I’ve also got pictures of the other top armies.

I have more shots of my army than any other, but I was the one taking the pictures, haha. Here are my High Elves.

Peyton Shipman’s Empire

Greg Person’s Orcs and Goblins

Jeff Egan’s Ogre Kingdoms

Well that was our team. Here are some of the other armies from the top 10.

WIP Wednesday – Bringing Skaven back into the mix

I haven’t played with my Skaven in awhile now.  It might have been last year at the Grimfoe Throwdown, and that was a one off.  So really more like 2 years since I’ve brought them out.  Well, I’m dusting them off again!  After painting High Elves for awhile, I want to get away from the clean, super neat look a bit.

I still owe good pictures of all the High Elf stuff I’ve finished this spring.  It’s been on hold since there has been construction in my basement, which doubles as my photo space.  That is finally cleaned up so I can put out the photo equipment again!  Expect that in the coming weeks.

But for now, I’ve got Gutter Runners.  Looking at the army they were the oldest paint job for models that I regularly use.  These are the old metal actual Gutter Runner models.  I actually enjoy them quite a bit.  However, being old metal, there are some pretty ugly places on them.  Some are miscast and have horrible misalignment.

IMG_2568 IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2572


So while touching them up I pretty much but a wash over the entire model (a few different colors, in appropriate areas) and then re-highlighted.  With just an evening’s worth of effort it made a big difference in the overall look.  A quick coat of varnish to protect from the inevitable chips and they are ready to play again.

Next up?  Movement trays for these guys.


WIP Wednesday – Final BR Prep for Pat’s DE

Hey All!

A quick update as I try to wrap up my stuff for Bragging Rights this weekend.  ETC requires warmachines be based on either a 60mm round or 50mm square base.  My old metal dwarf BTs (thanks Toddy!) are based on 40mm square bases so this was clearly unacceptable.  Ordered a set of 60mm bases from eBay and got to work.  I was able to trim the BTs and the crew (older spearmen) off their respective bases with only minimal damage.  I cleaned that up best I could, touched up some paint and threw them down on the new bases.

I really like the look of the warmachine and crew together on the same base.  I think it really makes the model look cohesive.

Basic process for my basing is:

1. Apply large pebbles in a scattered/crazy/random fashion.

2. Apply fine sand to rest of base.

3. Basecoat with Baneblade brown.  Basecoat rocks with Dawnstone.

4. Wash base with Agrax Earthshade.

5. Highlight back to Baneblade/Dawnstone.

6. Light highlight of screaming skull.

7. Apply tufts (can’t remember the exact ones but I think they are from scenic express).

Steps 1 through 7 basically bring you to here:

BTs_unfinish_pair BTs_unfinish_single

Generic apology time: I rushed through taking these pics so apologies for the messy background and shadowing.

So as you can see the bases look “OK” but that’s about it.  The next couple of steps take literally seconds and make a big BIG difference.

8. Apply static grass in a pattern of your choosing (for this I used Army Painter Battlefields “Field Grass”).

9. Apply flock in a pattern of your choosing (again Army Painter, “Grass Green”).

The finished product:

BTs_finish_single BTs_finish_pair

Still a little bit of cleaning up to do, but for a somewhat new hobbyist such as myself, I think they look pretty decent.

Now to pray to the dice gods that they roll lots of hits this weekend.

Let me know what you all think!

WIP Wednesday – High Elves for Bragging Rights

With the Unplugged GT over for the year its back to grinding away on the army for Bragging Rights.

I’ve finished the display board.  I had never added the braziers to the stairs and there were little unpainted stubs waiting for them.  Definitely glad to have that 100% done now.2014-06-09 21.30.35

2014-06-09 21.30.43


Then I went about adding bases to my bolt throwers.  ETC requires bases, and honestly I think they look better this way anyway.  These were the first models I painted for this army so the painting is dated but at least the base looks good now!  While I was it I went and touched up the dragons base a bit too. 2014-06-09 21.52.39 2014-06-09 21.52.51 2014-06-09 21.53.01 2014-06-09 21.53.11

Then here are the actual Work In Progress models.  Tonight I was working on the reds.  Over the past few days I did the silvers, golds and faces/skin.

2014-06-11 21.58.31 2014-06-11 21.58.35 2014-06-11 21.58.43


That’s “all” that I have left to do for Bragging Rights.  It’ll be quite the feat if I actually manage to get them all finished to a level I’ll be happy with.  Ok, back to painting!

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