Kings of War Campaign – Week Four

The intensity of the fighting increased significantly in the fourth week of the campaign. As the Generals began to familiarize themselves with the layout of the terrain, they found all manner of ways to hunt down, trap, or evade their enemies. Battle broke out across the center of the island, with Apollyon and his Abyssals challenging Duke Baranabus Mumblepeg and the Rhordians, Hazdra’Khan and his Abyssal Dwarfs launching an attack on the Undead of Long Toof da Blood Drinka, and the Elves of Ar’noth stalking after Istvaan and his Ogre tribe.


The fierce ranged attacks of the Abyssals proved devastating for the Rhordians. Halflings headed for the hills as bolts of lightning scorched across the battlefield with alarming speed. In the few melees which took place the Rhordians exacted revenge. In the end, despite winning the battle, Apollyon decided to pull his minions back and allow the humans and halflings to tend to their wounds. After the battle, Ba’su’su sneaked off to investigate the surrounding countryside. It is believed that he may have, indeed, come across a shard of the Fenulian Mirror. However, in his vanity he was consumed with gazing upon his reflection until he could feel Apollyon’s summons, at which point he tossed the shard and flew back to the monstrous daemon.



Meanwhile, the Abyssal Dwarfs and Undead took to battle with grim determination. Neither side was willing to cede an inch of territory to their enemy, and the combats were dragged out with bloody consequences. As the dust settled on the battlefield, no clear winner could be determined. After the battle, Hazdra’khan realized his precious shard of the Fenulian Mirror had been stolen during the previous night. With an impressive fury, he smashed apart the nearby Armory until he discovered a replacement. Heading to the Gatehouse, Long Toof stumbled upon an ancient journal containing many descriptions (and pictures… he’s illiterate) of the trials and tribulations of Captain Grizzlebeard Brandywine, the famed halfling leader of Valundar’s highway patrol. Delighted, he felt better prepared to Inspire his troops to victory.




After suffering many defeats, Ar’noth’s tactical prowess gave the Elves just the advantage they needed to achieve a victory against Istvaan and the Berserkers. To be fair, he was also aided by the local Goblin tribes, who popped out of their myriad tunnels at just the right moments to rain destruction on the Ogres with their arrows and war trombones. As the battle drew to a close, Ar’noth dismounted from his trusty Dragon and decided to enter the Goblin tunnels. After a few hours of wandering his was ambushed by a ravenous pack of mawbeasts. After a close brush with death he cut down the last of the mawbeasts and discovered a shard of the Fenulian Mirror among the bones in the lair of the vile creatures.





The current standings are:

Peyton – 3
Jon, Keith, Jim – 2
Kevin – 1
Chris, Scott – 0

It’s still anyone’s campaign as we cross into the second half of the adventure!

Kings of War Campaign – Week Three

The third week of the campaign began with Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg finally crossing the wide Olmec river and branching out to explore the rest of Valundar. Istvaan and his Ogres, riled up into a blood frenzy after quashing the Abyssals, immediately pounced on the unsuspecting Barnabus.

Apollyon and his Abyssals retreated into the depths of Blackfoul Swamp, where he thought it might be safe. However, Long Toof da Blood Drinka was confident that the swamp would pose no challenge to his legion of Undead, and pursued the Abyssals.

Hazdra’Khan finally came back to his senses and returned to Valundar, launching a surprise attack on the Elven Host of Ar’noth.

Lord Adular, deeply perturbed after his crushing defeat at the hands of the Rhordians, went into hiding to consult the oracles and divine his next maneuver.


Growing overconfident after his first victory, Istvaan’s Ogres were routed by the might of the Halfling Iron Beast, duly named “Sweet’um’s Revenge” and the devastating impact of the Honor Guard. In the wake of his victory, Duke Baranabus bathed in the refreshing waters of Lake Anduil, where the spirit of Elithanora guided him to a shard of the Fenulian Mirror stuck in the mud.



Apollyon redeemed himself through daemonic trickery, luring the Undead forces into the swamp where their troops got stuck in the muck. Though Long Toof had crafted a cunning battle plan, he was forced to watch it fall to pieces as his troops failed to follow his orders. Apollyon then explored the putrid waterfall. Though he did not find any shards of the Fenulian Mirror, his corporeal form was coated in a permanent stench which is certain to break the resolve of any who dare approach him.


The Abyssal Dwarfs and the Elves held nothing but the deepest contempt for one another, and took to the field of battle with reckless abandon. When the dust settled, so grave were the casualties that neither side could claim victory. A begrudging truce was formed, though who knows for how long it will hold. For his troubles, Ar’noth found a Blade of Slashing buried among the rubble of the ancient civilization.


The current standings are:

Peyton – 3
Jon, Keith – 2
Jim, Kevin – 1
Chris, Scott – 0

Additionally, Jim became the first player to have any of his units accumulate five victory points and be awarded Veteran Status! His Bolt Thrower gained Superior Ammunition, giving it the Vicious special rule. His Mage was bestowed with a family heirloom, which gave him access to a magical artefact worth 15 points or less. And Arnoth the Dragon Lord unlocked a new tactical ability.

Kings of War Campaign – Week Two

In the second week of the campaign, Istvaan and his tribe of Ogre Braves finally made their way to Valundar. Meanwhile, Hazdra’Khan, Abyssal Grotestque Champion of ill-repute, was so dazed by his blow to the head that he ordered his army to set sail and circle the perimeter of the island. His soldiers reportedly saw him pacing the deck muttering, “bees, bees, bees,” under his breath. They wisely decided to keep their distance.

The entire island was engulfed in conflict as the Generals tried to claim territorial control over various landmarks where they hoped the shards of the Fenulian Mirror might rest.


Lord Commander Adular and his forces of nature led an assault on Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg and his soldiers of Rhordia. This move proved to be a terrible mistake, as the invasion was handily repelled by the alliance of humans and halflings. Duke Barnabus was even rewarded with a shard of the Fenulian Mirror for ridding the forest of these misguided beasts.




After landing on the island, Istvaan immediately sought out the mightiest enemy, Apollyon of the Abyssals. The gruesome battle wrought much destruction across the land, and resulted in such a resounding victory for the Ogres that Apollyon was forced to secede one of his shards of the Fenulian Mirror to placate the brutal Istvaan.




Elsewhere on the island, the Elves and Undead clashed in violent conflict. Though the forces of Long Toof da Blood Drinka emerged victorious, the casualties sustained on both sides were so fierce that an uneasy alliance was struck between the Vampiric Orc and Ar’noth the Dragon Lord.





The standings at the end of Week Two were as follows:

Jon, Peyton, Keith – 2
Kevin, Jim – 1
Scott, Chris – 0

Kings of War Campaign – Week One

Last week was our first meeting of the “Quest for the Fenulian Mirror” – a narrative map campaign for Kings of War. As we gear up for our second meeting tomorrow evening, I thought it would be worthwhile to write up some of the highlights.

The Player Pack for the Campaign can be found here:

First of all, the following Generals (and their armies) bravely set sail from their homelands and landed upon the shores of Valundar.

-Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg, League of Rhordia, played by Peyton
-Apollyon, Reaper of Despair, Abyssals, played by Jon
-Hazdra’Khan, Grand Forger of Zarak, Abyssal Dwarves, played by Kevin
-Lord Commander Adular, Forces of Nature, played by Scott
-Ar’noth, Elves, played by Jim
-Long Toof da Blood Drinka, Undead, played by Chris
-Istvaan, Ogres, played by Keith

Valundar is an island that was swallowed centuries ago by the Infant Sea and has recently resurfaced for reasons unknown. It is rumored to contain the broken shards of the Fenulian Mirror, a powerful artifact that split the Celestians in half and began an era of unprecedented horror when it was shattered. The Generals seek to gather the shard, reassemble the mirror, and use it to serve their own purposes.

During the first two campaign turns, the Generals explored a bit of the island. Some of them found a shard of the Fenulian Mirror, while Apollyon found a stash of Halfling weed that he is just crazy enough to smoke.

Duke Barnabus Mumblepeg was unexpectedly waylaid when attempting to ford a river. The water reached a roiling boil and he was forced to send his army back, delaying them for a turn. Fortunately, he wandered into the Hunter’s Wood where he was met by the Green Lady herself. Impressed by his courage, the Green Lady gifted him with the protection to safely cross the river.

Long Toof da Blood Drinka found the fortress of the famed Necromancer Nicholai. After several unsuccessful attempts to enter the Fortress, Long Toof found his way in and ransacked the library. Despite being illiterate, the Undead Orc gleaned a considerable amount of arcane knowledge from the experience.

The army of Hazdra’Khan led an attack against the Forces of Nature. Though the Abyssal Dwarves claimed a bloody victory, Hazdra’Khan sustained a brutal head trauma during the course of the battle, seriously shaking the resolve of his troops. In the end, the Abyssal Dwarfs and the Forces of Nature forged a temporary alliance, temporary being the operative word…

Ar’noth attempted to cross the treacherous Hadross desert, where he was ambushed by a nefarious gang of Elf mercenaries (played by Pat). The evil Elves proved too strong, and Ar’noth had the good sense to retreat.

The army of Istvaan has yet to make an appearance on the island. Rumor has it that the Ogre ship was besieged by the infamous Kraken of the Infant Sea.

The current standings are as follows:

Jon – 3
Kevin, Peyton, Scott, Jim – 1
Chris, Keith – 0







Until next time,

Getting some random hobby done

My son was born in May and between that and the Unplugged GT in April I’ve been out of action in the hobby world for quite awhile now.  Slowly though, I’m getting back into the groove, finding a night here and there to paint and what not.  This evening I’m playing D&D online with the Shambling Horde guys and assembling some Malifaux minis.  Noah send me this Perdita crew a few weeks ago and I took them off the stock bases and moved them to the same style resin bases my Lady Justice crew is on.  Fun pinning and what not.

2016-06-30 19.50.42 2016-06-30 21.14.33


I’ve also been working on these Reaper Bones Kobolds that are almost done.  They’re silly but I like them.

2016-06-30 20.31.07


A Sigmarine for no reason in particular.  Perhaps for use as a golem in D&D? And the other guy is another b0nes model, most definitely for use in D&D.

2016-06-30 20.31.04

All of this is work in progress.  Hopefully I’ll be able to finish some of these up over the holiday weekend.


Hey all,

During the first few days of my summer vacation I was able to dedicate a considerable amount of time to painting. And damn, does it feel good! I’ve painted more in the past few days than I have in the past few months.

I was able to complete my unit of Slayers. I know that Jeff is shaking his head while reading this, but, yes, five models technically forms a unit in Age of Sigmar. Not a good unit, mind you, but a legal unit all the same. I have another fifteen Slayer models that have been stripped and are ready to paint, so I may go back and bulk out the unit in the future. In the mean time, take a look at a ridiculous amount of orange.

Slayers - Group Shot

Slayer2 - 2

Slayer3 - 1

Slayer4 - 1

Slayer5 - 2

By the way, these photos were taken using my new light box. What are your thoughts as to the quality? I will try to post a review of the light box sometime soon.


Rebasing Continues + Wights


I’ve based the two hordes of Zombies and two regiments of Revenants.  I’m leaving off the soil for now so I can keep working towards getting my list ready for the doubles tournament.

For the Revenants I used 14 and staggered them 4/3/4/3.  This gives a nice view from a corner angle and looks good from head on.  Still, I couldn’t see fitting more and getting between them to work on the soil.  And it doesn’t leave much room for diorama elements.


The Sculptamold as a filler for the bases works pretty well, but it does warp when it dries.  I’ve never noticed it before on terrain uses.  The hordes in particular had very strong bows.  But bending them in the opposite direction breaks the Scultamold and they sit pretty flat now.

I’m not sure it’s the best material since it’s a little heavy for the hordes, but it gives the unit some heft which feels reminiscent of metal models.  Just don’t pick up the horde by a single model.  🙂

Not sure how the Cart of the Forsaken (just made that up) in the nearest unit didn’t end up in the middle.  🙁  I’ve been working on my models very late at night and it must have been a tired mistake.  Ce’ la vie.IMG_9232

Here are my wights.  All Reaper and by choosing from the same sculptor you can get a pretty cohesive look.  The ones in the back are Bones models and are larger than the front row.  But I think it still works o.k.  Who says you can’t have a small woman become a wight?  🙂

IMG_9228It has been a very long time since I painted a new unit.  I forgot how to paint.  Still figuring it out.

I should add that Bones models are definitely a trick to work with.  I opted to prime them and the primer stayed tacky.  (A known issue.)  I very, very lightly primed them knowing that primers have a hard time curing properly.  *shrug*  I also thought of ‘priming’ them with Army Painter Anti-shine just to give them a matte surface to paint over.  I’m going to try it on my other Bones miniatures.  We’ll see.

I’ve gone ahead and painted over it anyway and the paint layers kill the tackiness.

But I’ve had the paint pull away from itself when it dries in some places (poorly primed areas) leaving a crackle pattern.  Small areas, and another coat covers it fine, but still an issue.  But for $3/model I’m not complaining.