Legends of Signum – UPGT Sponsor

Very pleased to announce that Legends of Signum will be sponsoring some prizes for the Unplugged GT this year.  They’ve got some really cool and unique models (not to mention their studio painter does some really nice work).  Here are just a few of the cool models we’ll be giving away at the event.


Check them out at https://signumgame.com/ !!



Unplugged Radio

We were recording an episode tonight and I realized that we haven’t actually posted any of this content on the UPG website.  So here it is, in all it’s podcast glory.  I present to you…Unplugged Radio.


In the future I’ll try to make a blog post when we have a new episode available.  Also check out the facebook page.


Tectonic Craft Studios – UPGT Sponsor

We are very happy to have Tectonic Craft Studios back as a sponsor for this years UPGT!  They’ve been on board with us since the first UPGT back in 2012 to provide prize support and door prizes.  They are going to be hooking everyone up with some custom line/arc of sight templates, and other Kings of War appropriate goodies.

Check out their website for all kinds of gaming aids and terrain.  Stuff like this is great for Kings of War.  One thing I noticed is that the unit bases are priced very competitively.  A troop tray for $0.38?  I’ll be doing my entire army at those prices!

Custom Unit Bases


Damage Dice Holders


Mierce Miniatures – UPGT Sponsor

I am very pleased to announced that Mierce Miniatures will be sponsoring the UPGT this year!  They make a lot of really awesome models and units that are perfect for Kings of War.  I personally use a few of their units in my own armies and the quality is second to none in terms of both the sculpts and the casting quality.

The coolest part?  Everyone who attends the UPGT will be receiving a 5 Euro online voucher to use at the Mierce online store, in addition to other prizes given out at the event!!

Check out their great line of minis at their website.


Scenarios for UPGT

Greg and I just got back from the US Masters for Kings of War and we got to each play 6 games of Kings of War against the best the country had to throw at us.  We played 6 “real” scenarios with no Kill in sight, just like we did last year the Unplugged GT.  All of the games win/loss/draw condition was entirely based on completing the scenario objectives.

So I pose the question as we plan these kind of details for the 2017 UPGT….

What should the scenarios look like?

Do you want to play Kill?  Do you like the rulebook scenarios?  Clash of Kings?  Something custom?

I can tell you that my preference is to play all objective based scenarios but I’m interested to see what ya’ll think as well.


PS.  The Masters was like…the best time ever.  I had so much damn fun.  It was great to meet cool people from other parts of the country and just experience the whole thing.