Mordheim Terrain

For our upcoming Mordheim campaign Jeff had wanted to get a few pieces of terrain to represent ruined buildings.  I ordered up a few kits that he had selected and they came in yesterday.  Although Jeff will be painting them, I wanted to break them open and see how they look!

I think both of them are going to look nice once painted up.  The detail on them is not amazing (especially the ruined farmhouses) but it’s sufficient to make them look pretty darn good.

We had figured that between these two kits we could get a fair amount of Mordheim terrain for a low cost.  I think the total for the 2 kits was around $70 shipped.  The Gothic Ruins kit should make 1 large, or 2 medium sized ruins.  The ruined hamlet should make 6 good size individual terrain sections.  So somewhere between 4 and 8 depending on how you choose to arrange the pieces.

Of course to go with these we will also be using lots of the Unplugged GT terrain.  You can be sure I’ll be taking lots of pictures of the tables once they are set up.

Stay tuned to see what Jeff can do with these new kits!

Mordheim, Jeff’s Undead Warband

Hey all,

As you may have read in my last post, I am organizing a Mordheim campaign for September of this year. Given that it is going to be a friendly, non-competitive affair, I am going to play in the league as well. Having spent the month of July out of the state on an academic research fellowship, I have had a fair amount of free time (late evenings and weekends) to paint up my Undead warband.

To facilitate this project, and to keep my hobby ADD in check, I only brought 15 undead models and about 10 paints on my month-long trip. The low model count kept me focused on the project and the low paint pot count kept the color palate nice and simple. I always erred on the side of keeping things quick and simple. This kept the painting fun and breezy, just the sort of thing required for a month-long 10-14 game campaign. This is the sort of pace that I like for my painting when I am not aiming for an army-scale project that could contend for a painting award.

What follows are pictures of the models that I have painted in the past 20 days. I knocked out all of the heroes fairly early on, which means that I only have to paint 3 more zombies (1 nearly finished) and 2 dire wolves (1 nearly finished). Oh, and I also plan to paint up one extra zombie, in case I roll up the Necromancer spell that allows me to put a new zombie in play) and an undead troll (titan-forge) in case I want to hire an ogre mercenary.

The models here are all OOP metal GW figures. Some of them are really ugly, others pretty nice, but I have an undying love for all of them. The theme for this warband is that they are a group of undead minions enthralled by a vampire/necromancer who has raised them from a graveyard  in Mordheim during an evening with a full moon. So, as you can see, the color scheme and basing suggests a dim, bluish light. Hope you like them!

Vampire Nicolas van Middernacht and Necromancer:






Mordheim Campaign, September 2014

Lead Up:

I might be developing a reputation within our club for having a mild case of Hobby A.D.D. The charges for include a long list of projects that are currently…um, let’s call them “on hold”:

Goblin Spider Rider Army, Gorkamorka Mob, Necromunda Gang, Dogs of War Army (though my Giant is all done), Mordheim Witch Hunter Warband

But, then again, I have followed through on a lot of projects too:

Praetorian Imperial Guard Army, Vanilla Chapter Space Marine Army, Dwarf Warband (Mordheim), Marienburg Warband (Mordheim), Uncharted Seas Human Fleet, High Elves Army, Nuln Empire Army, High Elves Army (#2), Fully Painted Dreadfleet Set, Gorkamorka Terrain Set, Ogre Kingdoms Army

So, on balance, I think I have honored the balance of my hobby commitments through the years. If our club were plotted out on a spectrum I would fall right in the middle of Jon/Pat (painted every damn model they ever bought) and Peyton (if GW closed tomorrow, I would make my future purchases at his Bedroom Shop in Glastonbury, CT).

All of that is a long lead-up to an announcement that has been brewing in my mind for nearly three months now: MORDHEIM. Mordheim is one of my favorite games produced by Games Workshop. It came out during the late 1990s, soon after I joined this hobby. The appeal of the game is that it only requires 12-20 miniatures to play, and that many of those can be drawn from your extant warhammer army. I am now confident that this campaign will fall into the category of “hobby projects with which I have followed through.”


Mordheim is set in a time period that precedes the time in which our current games of warhammer are played. The basic story is that a strange meteor has crashed into the city of Mordheim in the Empire. This collision leaves the city in ruins, with many of its residents either dead or seeking refuge in surrounding towns. But, among the wreckage are scattered pieces of Wyrdstone, green-glowing fragments of rock that came from the meteor. This Wyrdstone has strange, almost magical properties. Since the time of the crash, groups of warriors have been drawn to the city. Some to strike it rich by acquiring some shards of Wyrdstone, others to feed off the magical energy of the stones, and still others to bring religious order to this ruined city with its burning streets and sinful rogues.


Each player assembles a small warband of models, and brings them to the table to fight other warbands. Over time, members of your warband will die and will have to hire new members. But those who survive will gain experience, earn new equipment, and otherwise grow in power.


Human Mercenaries, Witch Hunters, Night Goblins, Possessed, Undead, and Skaven


Coreheim Version 8.9. This can be found through a simple Google search.


I would like to run a 4-5 week-long campaign wherein the group of players would each play about a dozen games of Mordheim. Since the Games only take about an hour (less if your warband flees like a bunch of cowards), players could easily play two games on some days. I have to look at my schedule, but I think that Tuesdays and Thursdays are best for me, once the Fall semester starts.


So, what do you guys think? Do you want to get in on the games? I am looking only for players who can commit to play for the majority of the campaign. Anyone might have to miss a day, I understand that. But, I want players who will take this seriously. I would rather have four core players who make it every week than ten flaky players who will only show up two out of the five weeks.

Lastly, I insist on playing with fully painted models when the official campaign starts. Factor that into your painting standard if need be. Perhaps you will only want to paint these to a tabletop standard, instead of your normal level. A good idea is to think about where you want your warband to be by the end of the tournament and paint that number of models, rather than just drafting a starting warband list and painting up that number of models. It is only 15-20 models, people, put some paint on them.

As for terrain, I think we can get creative with our GT terrain (stone walls, some trees, statues, witchfate tor, ruins) and construct three tables out of that, so long as we supplement them with pieces from the Battle Standard tables (barrels, those short towers, cottage buildings, etc.), and the Jon Vanase OOP card Mordheim Buildings that I began to polish up a few years back.

I want to start to play practice games when I return to Connecticut next week. That will give me some familiarity with the rules. My undead warband will be finished before I come home (only five models left), so that will free me up to work on terrain while you guys get your warbands built and painted.

So, what do you say? Who is in? Which warband will you play? What will be the story behind the group? While you can just cull together models from your available army, you will likely have more fun if you build up a new band. That way you can equip them with WYSIWYG armaments and theme the models to the world of Mordheim (gold crowns and Wyrdstone bits, trophies from prior victories, etc)

Mordheim is a whole lot of fun. My last Mordheim campaign was the place where I met Peyton, actually. You guys will like it.



WIP Wednesday – DE Prep for Grimfoe

With Grimfoe (which I have heard is the region’s best 1-dayer) coming up this saturday there is lots to do to get the army ready.  I have gone through a dramatic shift in lists and thus a lot more painting is required.  Tonight’s mission is to get the basing on my 2 remaining bolt throwers taken care of.

I painted these BTs a couple weekends ago but haven’t yet had a chance to base them.  Sticking with the rest of the army, they just have a simple small rock and fine sand basing mixture.  Rocks sprinkled on first and sand to coat remaining spaces.

After these dry (overnight), I will basecoat with Baneblade Brown, wash with Agrax Earthshade and highlight with Baneblade then Screaming Skull.

The BTs themselves are old 5th ed (I think?) DE bolt throwers with 7th Ed spearmen as crew (because who is REALLY going to use spearmen these days?).  I got these second hand for virtually nothing but they were not in the best shape at all.  As such, they got a quick, simple paint job to get them on the table.  This will allow me to see if I like the 4 BT based lists and invest in a pair of nice models to go with my other dwarf ones.

Without any more rambling, here are the pics!

BT_pair BT_single

Top Painted armies from Bragging Rights

Here are a few shots of the army I brought to Bragging Rights this year. Our team ended up winning Best Appearance. I’ve also got pictures of the other top armies.

I have more shots of my army than any other, but I was the one taking the pictures, haha. Here are my High Elves.

Peyton Shipman’s Empire

Greg Person’s Orcs and Goblins

Jeff Egan’s Ogre Kingdoms

Well that was our team. Here are some of the other armies from the top 10.

WIP Wednesday – Bringing Skaven back into the mix

I haven’t played with my Skaven in awhile now.  It might have been last year at the Grimfoe Throwdown, and that was a one off.  So really more like 2 years since I’ve brought them out.  Well, I’m dusting them off again!  After painting High Elves for awhile, I want to get away from the clean, super neat look a bit.

I still owe good pictures of all the High Elf stuff I’ve finished this spring.  It’s been on hold since there has been construction in my basement, which doubles as my photo space.  That is finally cleaned up so I can put out the photo equipment again!  Expect that in the coming weeks.

But for now, I’ve got Gutter Runners.  Looking at the army they were the oldest paint job for models that I regularly use.  These are the old metal actual Gutter Runner models.  I actually enjoy them quite a bit.  However, being old metal, there are some pretty ugly places on them.  Some are miscast and have horrible misalignment.

IMG_2568 IMG_2569 IMG_2570 IMG_2572


So while touching them up I pretty much but a wash over the entire model (a few different colors, in appropriate areas) and then re-highlighted.  With just an evening’s worth of effort it made a big difference in the overall look.  A quick coat of varnish to protect from the inevitable chips and they are ready to play again.

Next up?  Movement trays for these guys.


Warhammer in New England