Mordheim Monday- Bibbington Bells!

Hey all,

Bibbington the warlock is finished, and I also have a stupid amount of pictures of the game that Jeff, Chris, Sean and I played last week.

Highlights and Lowlights:
-Sean getting all set up and then having to leave after turn one.
-Insanely good dice rolls allowing me to rout Sean’s “computer” warband, then pick off pieces of Chris’ and Jeff’s warbands until they both voluntarily routed.
-Chris both taking out of action and killing Jeff’s much loved and newly painted powder monkey.

EDIT: Thanks to Jon’s instruction video for those like me who are technologically handicapped, everything’s in order and in the much easier to view gallery setup. Thanks Jon!

Late WIP Wednesday

Hey All,

I was celebrating the start of Rosh Hashanah last night (Jew!) and didn’t have access to my PC.  Here I’ve done some work on the bone across the board, trying to get the transition a little more gentle between the  shades.  I’ve begun work on the golds, need probably 2-3 more coats of seraphim sepia on all of the golds to get to the shade that I want.  Making progress slowly.  Next 3 weeks it will go even slower as my exam is right around the corner.

20140924_152053 20140924_152058 20140924_152103

WIP Wednesday – A few finishes and a new start

It might seem like a lot here, but most of these were actually small tasks.

So first and foremost I have completed the Screaming Bell!!  Woohoo!  Wonderful model.  This was also really great because I am very pleased with how the Rat Ogre came out.  That is good news for my upcoming Ogre Kingdoms army.  I should be able to apply the same techniques and paint them up at a decent speed.

First, closeup of the Rat Ogre prior to assembly.

2014-09-18 21.34.24
Rat Ogre

2014-09-18 21.34.36

Rat Ogre

And now on the bell.  The last thing to do is varnish him and hit the spikes with some gloss varnish.

WIP Wendesday - Screaming Bell
WIP Wendesday – Screaming Bell
WIP Wendesday - Screaming Bell
WIP Wendesday – Screaming Bell
WIP Wendesday - Screaming Bell
WIP Wendesday – Screaming Bell

Then I flocked these guys.  I also added more highlights to the blue on the clanrats and packmaster, as I felt they needed a bit more.

WIP Wendesday - Skaven
WIP Wendesday – Skaven

And THEN, I’ve been working on assembling 40 Stormvermin.  I’ve got ~20 bodies/arms together, the bases are magnetized and green stuffed.

WIP Wendesday - Stormvermin
WIP Wendesday – Stormvermin


And with that, my daughter is asleep and I have a brand new D&D 5th Edition Players Handbook to curl up with tonight.

-Jon out

WIP Wednesday – Moor Skaven

Ok, bad Skaven joke I guess.

Some of these models are “complete” but I’ll leave them in the WIP post since they haven’t been flocked yet.   Can’t find my green flock at the moment so they will need to wait until I can recover that.

Please be easy on me.  I don’t go all out on each of these Skaven models.  When you have to paint hundreds of them….. I just can’t spend gobs of time on each one.

On to the models.  First off the Night Runners.

2014-09-17 20.51.05

Now the Skavenslaves.  For these guys I wanted the blue robes to come out a little brighter than the Night Runners so I went up with an extra highlight.  I always struggle with highlighting up super bright (and these aren’t even super bright).  When I look at it under my lamp they look so stark I hate them, but when you pull them away into normal lighting you really need that bright highlight to make it show up.  Just takes an attitude adjustment.  Sorry for the glare in the second shot, this is just my cell phone camera (the big camera, photo booth and lights only comes out for finished models usually).

2014-09-17 20.51.47 2014-09-17 20.51.59



Love this model!  Packmaster with shock prod.

2014-09-17 20.52.07 2014-09-17 20.52.12


And now for the Rat Ogre.  The ancillary parts are done, like the chains, robes and wrappings.  All the skin still needs highlighting.  As I’m writing this I am remembering that I also need to put one more highlight on the fur, for all of these models!!  Glad I just remembered that.2014-09-17 20.52.32 2014-09-17 20.52.53


I plan to paint the bones sticking out the black with Gloss Varnish,  I think after I highlight the skin the model is going to need something dark on it.  Also, if I painted them “bone” colored like normal I think it’ll be too much cream-like colors on the model.  The wraps, the teeth, the skin highlights, etc.

I’ve been very happy how quickly these came together.  It’s really the best part of painting Skaven, versus say High Elves were every model takes me a week to finish.

After this Rat Ogre gets finished up (and the obligatory flock, oh and that highlight I missed) I should be on to assembling Stormvermin.  And coming up with details for a winter map campaign.  Exciting.

Until next time.



Mordheim Monday – Night Runners

The remaining two models for my Mordheim band are almost completed.  These 2 Night Runners started getting some highlights.  A few more colors (maybe just the flesh?) and they will be wrapped up.  Just going for a quick paint job here.

2014-09-15 21.00.54 2014-09-15 21.01.27


Since I had the colors out already I went ahead an painted some other Skaven while I was at it but that can wait for Wednesday.


Mordheim Monday- Pepper Jack!

Hey all,

Mercenary Captain Pepper Jack is finished, almost done with all the heroes! Following him are pics of the game Chris, Jeff and I played, in which Jeff and I duked it out and ignored the scenario, and Chris killed all the wagon (steam tank) guards and nearly stopped it from escaping the board. The last picture is one of Chris’ youngbloods sprinting to cut the wagon off before it could get off the board. Good stuff!













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