Border Princes Campaign – Turn 16 Orders

The orders for the last turn at 1500 points are in, and once again we have an entire host of battles for this week!

The High Elves of the West hunker down, expecting an advance from the Demons.  Fortunate that they did, for the Demons did advance just as anticipated!  Further South Demon and High Elf armies play cat and mouse, trading territories every turn.

The Ogres moved an army West towards the Demons, and the army on the road South into the crossing.  The Demons also moved into the crossing, forgoing a recover of their blighted territory.

In the East the Halfling High Elves moved South.  Locked in battle once again with the Dark Elves, this time in 3 places.  At the crossing, a Demon army pursues the High Elves into the Dark Elf lands.

A fresh expedition of Dwarfs appeared in the mountains, ready to make trouble for any nearby.  Whose side would they be on, if any?  The Halfling High Elves attempted to reach out diplomacy but received no response from the Dwarfs.

In the South the Wood Elves and High Elves attempt to take back their capitals.  Will the succeed?


Dangerous terrain tests:

  • Jon attacking to 19
  • Peyton moving to 9
  • Peyton moving to 17
  • Scott moving to 85.

Battles to fight:

  • Jon vs Scott W at 19
  • Jon vs Scott W at 38
  • Jon vs Jeff at 52
  • Jon vs Brian at 88
  • Pat vs Scott at 98
  • Pat vs Peyton at 63
  • Pat vs Peyton at 55
  • Pat vs Peyton at 46/34


  • Base game size is 1500 pts.

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Scott W. & Peyton
  • Jeff and Scott W.
  • Pat & Jon



Border Princes Campaign – Turn 15 Results

As the campaign begins to wind down so does another epic turn.  Starting clockwise from the top left lets see how it played out this turn.

The Ogre and the Demons faced off using the new magic rules from End Times: Khaine.  Lets just say neither of us were impressed.  Not to mention we misplayed the rules a bit but hey, that’s why you practice!  The Ogres were utterly routed by the Demons.  Giant faced off against Giant.  Ironguts against Ironguts.  The chaos versions proved to be too strong, even for a mighty Ogre Tyrant.  The Ogres were driven back to their capital.

The Halfling High Elves were once again assaulted by the Undead Legions.  The sneaky High Elves had a plan though.  While the Undead army attacked the High Elves took the back route into the Undead capital.  When the ensuing battle ended in a draw, the Undead has no where to retreat to and were wiped out by the High Elves!  Unfortunately once again the Halfling High Elves failed to move the army out of their capital.

In the Nothern Thunder River the Demons and Ogres also clashed.  It looked to be a very close battle right up to the end.  In the last turn a combined force of Demons attacking from all sides managed to take down the Irongut unit that held most of the Ogres points.  It ended in a minor victory for the Demons, causing the Ogres to retreat.

Since the Dark Elves and Halfling High Elves were battling across the same territories they both required Don’t Pass In The Night rolls.  The Dark Elves won both, so each battle would happen in High Elf territory.  Under stakes of potentially losing both the High Elves fought ferociously and repelled both Dark Elf armies!  The battle for the road was particularly savage, with the Dark Elves being scattered back to their capital.

On the Southern flank the Wood Elves attempted to retake their lost capital.  Alas, it was not to be this turn.  The timer is ticking for the Wood Elves.  The other battle against the Dark Elves and Wood Elves was a victory for the Dark Elves.  With no place left to retreat to the Wood Elf banner was utterly destroyed as it fled.

The clock ticks for the High Elves of the South to retake their capital as well.  In 2 turns time they will banished from the land!

Can anyone stop the Halfling High Elves?  With only 3 turns left in the campaign they have a strong lead, good army position and a strong ally!


New Armies:

  • Scott W.
  • Pat
  • Peyton

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Scott W. & Peyton
  • Jeff and Scott W.
  • Pat & Jon

Unplugged GT Update

I sent out the following message to our mailing list tonight, figured I would post it here as well.  If you aren’t on the mailing list and want to to join so you get Unplugged GT related info use the join button on the left sidebar, or go to


Hello everyone,
Hope you have all been having a great year. It was great to see many of you at other Northeast GT’s this fall. Things have been quiet on the Unplugged GT front, but rest assured our break is over. We are ramping up with figuring out details (mostly comp to be honest) so that we will be ready to put tickets on sale January 1st.

I’d just like to illustrate some high level things we are changing this year.
1) Paint scoring is going to be tiered, but with more tiers than in the past. Winners for Best Appearance will be selected by the judges, but individual armies will not receive detailed score sheets. I’ll be doing a blog post to explain the thought process behind this, watch the blog for that.

2) Paint scoring will be worth more towards overall. As we works towards what we believe is a more accurate (and achievable) paint score system, we feel it should be worth more. The main reason for it only being worth a small amount in the beginning was that we didn’t want an inaccurate score to influence Overall very much.

3) Comp. Yes, there will be more comp this year. With this End Times stuff it’s very hard to say what things will look like in April. So… when tickets go on sale you are just going to have to bear with us on this. If things get crazy and we need to make a mid course change we will. What we are targeting right now though is a Swedish comp with a minimum score. There will be no maximum, and no active scoring. This is just a “take the top off” strategy to remove the most annoying/broken builds, but still allowing special characters.

4) Lunch. We are going to serve lunch both days this year. With the location of the venue and cost and time factors of using the restaurant there it just makes sense to have the food brought in. Ticket prices will be going up a bit to accommodate the meals. Nothing in stone yet, but probably targeting BBQ one day and sandwiches the other. If you have dietary restrictions and cannot eat the catered food let me know and we can make arrangements.

And what’s not changing?
We’ll have 72 spots available with no plans to expand any further. I would imagine they’ll sell out, so don’t wait too long to buy tickets if you plan to attend.

As always questions or comments can be directed at our website forums, twitter (@unpluggedGT) or via email. We look forward to bringing you another great GT in 2015.


WIP Wednesday – Stormvermin complete

This is more of a notice of completion than a work in progress, but I’m working on 5 more of them so I’ll call it WIP anyway.

These are the Stormvermin that I started painting for Da Boyz GT this year.  I finished them before the event but didn’t have time to photograph them properly.  I have 5 more basecoated and washed, waiting for highlights.  The plan is to grow the unit 4-6 guys at a time until all 56 of them are painted.

Stormvermin - Clan Moors color scheme
Stormvermin – Clan Moors color scheme

The white and red really pops compared to the poop brown the old Stormvermin have as a color scheme.  The red armor is painted to look like lacquered metal, and then chipped up a bit.  I didn’t go crazy with the chipping for these.  I may experiment with more chipping on future batches.  The idea is to get them done reasonably quick though so I can’t go overboard on details for every single guy.

Stormvermin - Clan Moors color scheme
Stormvermin – Clan Moors color scheme

The white cloth has a lot of colors in it.  Greens, yellows, grays, and all highlighted up to white on the tips.  I think the variety really has a nice “dirty” feel to it.  I primed white and then washed the robes with a variety of Secret Weapon washes.  It was then glazed with gray until the overall color was more grey than the sewer water look after the washes.  Then I glazed some white on until I was happy with the overall tone.

Stormvermin - Clan Moors color scheme
Stormvermin – Clan Moors color scheme

Just like the armor I wanted to show a little wear on the weapons.  This was achieved over a few methods.  The first was a pigment application of Vallejo rust and earth colors mixed together.  I rubbed most of it off since I think the initial application was too much for what I was going for.  I think took a very fine brush and make quick dashing motions up and down the blade with bright silver (Vallejo Steel).  Lastly, I drybrushed steel on with a large drybrush to make sure that all of the edges were covered.

I have more new Skaven models to show off, but I’ll save them for another day!


WIP Wednesday – A Hydra Re-do


After having a blast at this past weekend’s tournament, I have commited to the monster mash list for the upcoming Onslaught GT.  I ended up going 2-1 (really 1-1-1) at the tournament which was great as I had very low expectations going in.  Turns out my loss was to some guy running 2 giants!

Anyways, with a new goal in sight I took a look at what needed to be done.  My old finecast hydra was one of the first few models I painted.  And while it is acceptable, I cut many corners to get it onto the table.  Today I am revisiting it a bit to improve upon my old paint job.  As I am in the middle of painting, only a quick picture of whats been done so far:



So far, I have brought up the drybrushing on the skin a bit. The armor leg/knee plates were previously unpainted (GASP!) but now they are a lovely washed and highlighted ironbreaker metal.  I rebased to my new scheme but kept those hand picked natural backyard rocks.  Tonight, I want to also get the claws and spikes redone and tomorrow I will work on the heads and varnish.

Let me know what you all think!



Depth of field

I was taking some pictures tonight for my Skaven army and wanted to illustrate a bit about depth of field – and why it matters.

Take a look at this image.

Stormvermin - Clan Moors color scheme

Notice how the back rank of Stormvermin is almost completely in focus?  Now, for the purposes of showing a lot of troops you might think that makes sense.  However, it really takes away from the image.  The back rank confuses what is supposed to be the focal point, which is the front rank.  This is the kind of photo you typically get from a cell phone or something without f-stop controls.

Now, with a minor adjustment…..

Stormvermin - Clan Moors color scheme

Notice how much more the front rank pops?  The back rank is still there to provide some depth to the image but the blur (or bokeh if you will) helps keep the subject as the subject.  And in this example, the blur isn’t even extreme, this is a pretty mild case since I think the best fstop I could get in this case was a 5.6 with the setup.

It’s still not great.  The front rank has some out of focus areas too.  I needed to adjust the miniatures a bit to make sure they were all in the same plane, that should have kept the front in focus.  Also, moving the back rank further away would help create more depth as well.  And using an interesting background……

Anyway.  Lesson for the day?  Set your depth of field for more interesting images.

Class dismissed.

Border Princes Campaign – Turn 15 Orders

The High Elves of the North stay put, decidedly content with their tactical position on the map.  Meanwhile next door the Demons of Chaos attempt to gain back some lost territory from the most recent invasion.  They recover one of the raised tiles while moving armies around in an attempt to catch the marauding Ogre army.  In the South they hold their position in the High Elf capital and in the East they push North, attempting to forge into Ogre territory.

The Ogres have plans too though.  They moved to capture multiple segments of the Western road from the Demons.  Meanwhile, they also advanced at the Demons holding the Eastern river passing.

The Halfling High Elves once again attempt to contain the Undead Legions that have cropped up so close to home.  A little further south the Halfling High Elves push against the combined front of Demons and Dark Elves, attempting to drive them back.

The Dark Elves also continue the fight on two fronts.  Pushing North against the Halfling High Elves and South against the Wood Elves (while defending the captured Wood Elf capital).

The Wood Elves begin assaulting their capital in an attempt to take it back.


Dangerous terrain tests:

  • Peyton, both armies moving into 10.
  • Pat moving into Blood River Bogs.
  • Pat moving across the river.

Battles to fight:

  • Jeff vs Jon at 28.
  • Peyton vs Greg at 10, if he passes a dangerous terrain test. (Greg fortified)
  • Peyton vs Pat in 34/46.
  • Peyton vs Pat in 45/55.
  • Jon vs Jeff or Peyton, in 32 or 54. (Jeff or Peyton supported, depending on Don’t Pass In the Night and which tile we fight on determines who is the main combatant).
  • Pat vs Scott C. in 96.
  • Scott C. vs Pat in 98 (Pat fortified)


  • Scott C. can support in EITHER 96 or 98.
  • Base game size is 1500 pts.

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Scott W. & Peyton
  • Jeff and Scott W.
  • Pat & Jon

WIP Wednesday – Swedish Elves??

Hey All,

Been a while since I attended an event.  Since I procrastinate at virtually everything in life, this means its been a while since I have painted or posted anything.

This Saturday we have a 1-day, 3 game, 2500pt tournament in Manchester run by the one and only Keith KHAHHHNROY.  The event uses the Swedish comp pack, with scores ranging from 8 (still not filthy by any means) to 14 (wow, I didn’t even know those units existed).

A moment of honesty before we go any further:  I know I have 0% chance in winning this event or the Onslaught GT in Feb which uses the same comp pack.  Thus, my list was built around bringing things that HOPEFULLY will be fun to play.

And here she is in all her glory:


Let’s go step by step into this beauty.  Up first is my general, a Dreadlord on a Black Dragon.  He is equipped with A 1+ rerollable armor save and the Cloak of Twilight.  Pretty survivable against anything other than those wretched “10 from the back” things.


Next up are the 3 little guys in the front of the display board.  A Master BSB with a 1+, 4++.  His goal is to not die and give me rerolls when I have to take LD6 monster panic checks.  I also have 2 level 2 mages, one on heavens (6 terror causers!) and one on beasts (because it can sort of make corsairs slightly useful…slightly).

For core, there are 34 corsairs (joined by a Bloodwrack Shrine) and 2 units of 5 dark riders with bows and shields.

Now the fun:  3 (THREE!) hydras.



Well sort of.  One is painted (poorly).  One is assembled (poorly).  And one is…




Yea…Let’s just say this poor boy is still recovering from a wicked Friday night.  And this is where the WIP comes in!  Tonight, I am stripping him of his former undercoat and pinning the heads back where they belong.

These 3 lovely chaps all breathe fire (and not the spitfire kind mind you) so watch out anything that might fear a S4 breath weapon!  They are joined by the fifth monster, the K-beast.


He had his basecoat of lovely Naggaroth Night purple.  He needs some scales done in a lighter shade, the spikes done and a trip to the wash and highlight factory.  Probably won’t be done by Saturday unless I pull a classic me and paint all Friday night.

This list checks in at a 14.1 which I am pretty pleased with.  Is it good? No.  Will it win? Likely not.  But will it be fun to watch my monsters smash into things then likely break from combat and get run down? YES!

Feel free to swing by the Time Machine in Manchester this weekend to check out the tournament.  This is Keith’s 3rd event there and he has done a great job each time.  Looking forward to it!


Warhammer in New England