#BeerMaW Entry Four – Naiad Ensnarer

Attending the Lady of the Lake GT really got my hobby juices flowing, and I am eager to make progress on my Forces of Nature army. Next up on the painting table was a test model for the Naiad Ensnarers. I used the same colors as the Salamander and Druid I have previously painted, but in varying degrees. It is clear that this army won’t be done for a loooooooong time, as I spent the better part of 10 hours on this one rank-and-file model. Luckily, I have my old Warhammer armies to use in the meantime!


UPGT: Harvest of Souls early signup bonus

I realized that I forgot to post the details about the early sign-up bonus for Harvest of Souls!  Doh!

Anyone who registers before August 11th will receive a set of custom Harvest of Souls dice to use at the event.  The designs aren’t finalized yet but I’ll post the production samples once they are ready.

Check out the event page here.

#BeerMaW Entry Three – Druid

Now that my Undead army is all set for Lady of the Lake, Keystone, and any other upcoming events, I can focus my efforts on new projects. My nascent Forces of Nature army is calling to me at the moment.

I decided to paint up a Druid. This is a (metal) Reaper model that I quite like. She comes with an adorable familiar which I will most definitely be painting up as well. I followed the same color progressions as my Salamander model, with a few new colors (such as the orange hair), and I am pleased with the results. This was also my first time trying out the basing scheme. It will be a bit more complex on the large unit bases, but you can get the idea from the 20mm base. Given that this is a Nature army, I want the bases to be fairly busy. Please let me know your thoughts!


#BeerMaW Entry Two – Mounted Skald

Having taken a week off for vacation, I returned to do a quick and dirty paint job on this old Wight King model from GW. In game terms, I am using it as a mounted Skald. It will be part of the Varangur allies to go alongside my Undead. This was the last model needed for Lady of the Lake – I will be flying to Minnesota on Friday!

I’m not a big fan of this model, nor the paint job I gave it. The shield was painted years ago for one of my Skeleton units. It broke off the Skeleton so I decided to repurpose it here.


#BeerMaW Entry One – Mounted Necromancer

If you haven’t heard about this yet, the Beer Phase podcast launched a “Model a Week” painting challenge. The challenge is obviously designed to help gamers stay on track with their painting, but it also places a special emphasis on models that have been neglected for years and years. The challenge kicked off this month, and people are tagging their entries with #BeerMaW on social media. Check out the introduction video here.

This is certainly an old model, but not one that has been collecting dust. I added a Mounted Necromancer to my list for Lady of the Lake, and did not own a model. Although GW makes a great plastic Necromancer on foot that was released several years back, they haven’t updated the mounted version in over a decade. And it shows.

I picked this guy up on Chaos Orc Superstore and was fascinated/horrified with him. It took pliers and pins to put this model together (the Necro is two metal pieces while the horse is four plastic pieces). I certainly did not paint him to the best of my ability, as I wanted to keep him consistent with my Undead army (the earliest models for which I painted in 2006 or 2007).

Behold, the dread Necromancer Eorlich von Thunderthighs:

A keen observer will notice some white spots on the model (click to enlarge the third picture and you’ll see what I mean). These were the unfortunate result of varnishing on humid day. 🙁


Lady of the Lake GT – Individual Miniature Painting Contest

I am super excited to be attending the Lady of the Lake GT this July in Duluth, Minnesota. Lady of the Lake is a 2200 point Kings of War GT with lots of unique features, one of which is an Individual Miniature Painting Contest.

Individual Miniature Painting Contest

We will be holding a separate individual model painting contest.

A model entered into this contest MUST be a model that is NOT a part of your army used in the tournament. The model will be displayed for the duration of the tournament and must be turned in to the TO at the time of registration. The model must be a “fantasy” themed model, but can be produced by any manufacturer.

Points will be awarded for overall look, cleanness of painting, basing, converting, shading, details, etcetera.

2 GT tournament points will be awarded for participating in this contest.

A large plaque will be awarded to the winner and a small plaque will be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place.

As my school year is coming to a close, I am starting to have more free time to dedicate to hobby projects. To kick things off I decided to paint up my entry to the contest. I selected one of my favorite models of all time, an Age of Sigmar Warden King sculpted several years back by Juan Diaz. This model will be easy to transport (I am flying to the event) and it can also be used in my Forces of Order army for Age of Sigmar Skirmish (which I am fairly keen on these days).

If you’ve listened to Episode 9 of Unplugged Radio, you’ll know that I have a side competition going with Jake to see whose model places higher in the event. I may be showing my hand a bit early by posting pictures, but I’d like to think of it as setting the bar high for him. 😉

As always, feedback is appreciated.