Border Princes Campaign – Turn 13 Orders

The scene changes a bit as the Demons are being surrounded in the West.  Assaulted by High Elves, Halflings High Elves and Dogs of War the Demons shift armies around to deal with the incursions.  The High Elves of the North West hunker down in the mountains while moving their Northern army into a better position and their Southern army wraps around to flank the Demons.

The Dogs of War move into land long held by Demons, but recently salted and burned by the Halfling High Elves of the North East.  The Dogs of War, who are now mostly Ogres I hear, also move to support the Halfling High Elves at the Eastern bridge as well as capture the central road.  To strengthen the friendship in the war against the Demons, the Dogs of War and High Elves of the North forged a formal alliance.

The new expedition of High Elves in the South heads East to capture more territory.  They attempt to forge and alliance with the High Elves of the North, but it was not to be.

The Wood Elves recapture the abandoned fortress city of Malko in the center of the board while pulling another army back to defend the capital.   Along the Lower Blood River, they square off with the Demons.

The Dark Elves sit strangely idle this season.  They must be plotting something devious.

The Halfling High Elves in the North turn the majority of their forces North to deal with the incursion of Undead in the mountains just East of their capital.



Battles to fight:

  • Greg vs Peyton
    • Both need dangerous terrain rolls
    • If you both pass, need a Don’t Pass In The Night roll
  • Peyton vs Pat
  • Jon vs Scott C.
    • Both need dangerous terrain rolls
    • If you both pass, need a Don’t Pass In The Night roll

Dangerous Terrain Tests:

  • Scott W. moving into 2.
  • Jon moving into 27
  • Jon moving into 81
  • Jon moving into 84
  • Scott C. moving into 83
  • Greg moving into 9
  • Peyton moving into 10

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Scott W. & Peyton
  • Jeff and Scott W.

Border Princes Campaign – Turn 12 Results

The Halfling High Elves and the Dark Elves met on the field of battle for the first time.  The Halfing High Elves were cleverly supported by a unit of Ogres lent from the Dogs of War.  Although the Dark Elves deployed their most devastating unit, a fearsome Black Dragon, the keen eyed archers of the Skycutters Eagle Eye Bolt Throwers slew the beast, leaving the Dark Elves no choice but to make a retreat.  The Dark Elves had learned a harsh lesson this day.

Elsewhere in the West the High Elves did not fare as well.  As the Demons advanced into the hills the High Elves also called up on a might war beast, a Flamespyre Phoenix to burn the Demons.  However, Tzeentch had other plans.  He deployed an Exalted Flamer of Tzeentch to the battlefield and wove the threads of fate to give him incredible luck.  With a 10 on the artillery die for number of shots, and a d6+3 coming up as S9 the Phoenix stood little chance and was cut down as it fled with its last remaining wound.  On the right flank the High Elves Skycutter fast attack force was outwitted by a mischievous group of Nurglings.  Although the Nurglings were banished back into the Realm of Chaos, the resulting counter charge of Flesh Hounds and a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch gave the field to the Demons.  The High Elves were scattered this day.

Luckily for those High Elves the Demons advance in other territories was impeded by the mountain passes.  They failed both dangerous terrain tests.

The Halfling High Elves also failed their dangerous terrain test, meaning that army cannot leave the capital.  Although with a new player nearby that might not be the worst thing…..


Battles fought:

  • Scott W. scattered by Jon
  • Pat defeated by Peyton.

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Scott W. & Peyton


  • Scott C. needs to drop an army.
  • Jon gained an army.
  • Peyton gained an army but can’t place it.
  • Jeff gained an army.

Border Princes Campaign – Turn 12 Orders

Sorry for the late post.  Got back very late Sunday night from Da Boyz GT and couldn’t get the map updated.

Going clockwise around the map, the High Elves stood their ground under the advance of the Demons.  The Demons struggled to navigate the mountains held by the High Elves and found their advance halted.  However, on the plains they descended on the High Elf army.  The Demons also continued to advanced East into Wood Elf territory, now bordering Dogs of War and Dark Elf lands as well.

The Dogs of War and Halfling High Elves also advanced towards the Demons.  Meanwhile the Dogs of War marched to take the Western Edge of the North Thunder River from the Dark Elves.  The Dogs of War attempted to form an Alliance with the High Elves of the East, but the messenger was lost.

Meanwhile, the Dark Elf army had been retreating back to the bridge crossing.  The Halfling High Elves intended to cut them off and also marched towards the bridge.  The remaining Halfling High Elves generally marched South.

Little did they know that something stirred right within their very realm.  Something unholy.  Something…. not quite alive… nor quite dead.

The Dark Elves moved to capture territory from the Wood Elves.



Battles to fight:

  • Pat vs Peyton for control of the bridge.
  • Jon vs Scott W. in both the mountains and the surrounding hills

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Scott W. & Peyton


Border Princes Campaign – Turn 11 Results

The battle with the High Elves and the Demons proved to be too much for the High Elves.  The Chaos Giant of Nurgle wasn’t exactly a game winner, but the Chaos Ogres taking a charge from 3 chariots and eventually grinding them all out was huge.  The elf army was forced to retreat.

In the center of the map the Demons and the Wood Elves met on the field of battle for the first time.  The daemonic host was a force to be reckoned with, and took control of the fortress of Malko.

The Dark Elves failed their dangerous terrain (again) and so were unable to enter the Blood River Bogs.

The Orc and Goblin armies were mercilessly cut down by the Halfling High Elves.  Or, well, maybe the Orcs killed a number of their own with some miscasts, but whatever.  The Orcs were also beaten back by the Dogs of War.  With their capital lost and without an army to take it back, it seems the Orcs have been driven from the Border Princes.



Battles fought:

  • Scott W. defeated by Jon
  • Scott C. massacred by Jon
  • Greg massacred by Jeff
  • Greg massacred by Peyton (twice).

Orcs and Goblins have been wiped out.

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Scott W. & Peyton


Sorry about the late (and brief) update this week.  Trying to get ready for Da Boyz GT this weekend!

Border Princes Campaign – Turn 11 Orders

Let the battles begin!  We’ve finally got a lot of fights for this turn!

At the same time we also have a lot of “dancing” where armies move into and out of tiles with no fights.

In the Northwest the High Elves attempted to bring in support and fortify the mountains, assuming the Demons would advance on them.  And they were correct, the Demons advanced into the fortified tile while Fortifying Toranrok.  In the South the Demons advanced into new territories.  Along the center road the Demons attempted to take over the fortress of Malko but the Wood Elves had a similar idea.

The Dogs of War brought their armies West to deal with the Orc and Goblin incursion.

The Halfling High Elves made a move at the Orc and Goblin capital, which also moving armies along to capture more of the Thunder River.  The Orcs and Goblins had also moved into the Thunder River section, presumably to make a move at relieving the beleaguered capital.

The Dark Elves advanced into both High Elf and Wood Elf territory simultaneously.  In the Blood River Bogs the Wood Elves were waiting in defense.

The Wood Elves took some new territory while also taking back some lands from the Dark Elves, but ceding some in the process.

In the South West a new expeditionary force send by the Phoenix King arrives to add to the fray in the Border Princes.  Curiously they seemed to have found the ruins of a Lizardmen civilization……



Battles to fight:

  • Jon vs Scott W.  Jon supported x2.  Scott supported.
  • Greg vs Jeff
  • Jon vs Scott C.
  • Greg vs Peyton.  Greg fortified.  Peyton supported.
  • Greg vs Peyton.  Don’t Pass In the Night.  Peyton supported.
  • Pat vs Scott C.  Scott fortified.

Rolls Required:

  • Scott W. – Dangerous Terrain
  • Peyton – Dangerous Terrain in mountains
  • Peyton – Dangerous Terrain attacking Greg’s capital in mountains
  • Greg/Peyton – Don’t Pass In The Night
  • Pat – Dangerous Terrain in bogs

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Pat & Greg
  • Scott W. & Peyton



WIP Wednesday – Stormvermin

This week I’m working on additional Stormvermin for Da Boyz, a GT coming up in a few weeks out in Western New York.  I’ve decided to change up the color scheme for the Stormvermin, so unfortunatley these guys will not match my existing unit until I go back and change a few color on the old ones.  So that’ll get done eventually, but probably not before the GT.

Here are the ones I’m painting tonight:

2014-11-05 21.24.01


These are the ones I finished last night (sorry for the out of focus, just using the camera phone for quick pics):

2014-11-05 21.23.49


So you can see I went for the Clan Mors theme here.  First reason was the existing Stormvermin were very bland in color.  Actually, most of the entire army was just muted browns and yellows at one point.  I’ve moved to brighter colors but some of the old units are still very blah colors.  The white on red stands out much better.  I didn’t want clean white robes, so I went for a dirty white look.

Also, I have never painted lacquered metal armor before so I want to give that a try.  Might be hard to tell in the pictures but I tried to weather it a bit by adding chips.  It might need more, not sure yet.

After this batch of 6 is 100% done I’ll add some weathering powder for rust and see how that looks.  Then start working on touching up the 20 old paint jobs.

And just for fun, I’m painting this figure for D&D:

2014-11-05 21.24.13


Things have settled down here now that summer is over and I am finally finding some time for hobby again.  Yay!  Well that’s all until next week.



Border Princes Campaing – Turn 10 Results

The High Elves and the Demons of Chaos clashed over Toranrok, an ancient Elven tower suspended in the skies above a magical teleportation stone.  Despite calling forth their strongest magics, the Elves were unable to repel the daemonic presence from the tower and its surrounding territories.  With the High Elves forced to retreat the daemon army returned to sacking the tower for hard won knowledge.

For their efforts in expansion both Jon and Jeff were granted a new army.  Peyton also has a new army waiting to come into play if he can pass his dangerous terrain tests to clear out his capital.



Battles fought:

  • Scott W. scattered (massacred) by Jon.

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Pat & Greg
  • Scott W. & Peyton

Well that marks the half way point in the campaign!!  Two more turns at 1000 points before we escalate up to 1500 points.

Border Princes Campaign – Turn 10 Orders

Well, Peyton failed the only dangerous terrain test this turn.  Those mountains are really causing those Skycutters some havoc.

Going clockwise from the left, we have a broken alliance by the treacherous High Elves.  As they moved towards the tower of Toranrok the Daemons anticipated this treachery as Tzeentch spun the weaves of fate and alerted his Heralds to react in defense.  The Daemons also moved to capture more territory in the South,

The Dogs of War moved to capture some new territory.  The Halfling High Elves danced around the Orcs and Goblins while moving an army through the Dogs of War territory.  The Orcs meanwhile ventured out in the lands of the Dogs of War via the central road.

In the South the Dark Elves and Wood Elves hunkered down.




Battles to fight:

  • Scott W. vs Jon.  Both will be supported.

Current alliances:

  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Pat & Greg
  • Scott W. & Peyton

Warhammer in New England