Skaven Mordheim warband

Here is the Mordheim warband that I’ll be using for the upcoming campaign.  Very excited to get started with this.IMG_3612




This Assassin is the leader.  His Weeping Blade is ready to tear up some enemy warbands.


This is my Eshin Sorcerer, complete the Warplock Pistol.  Blam-blam Ka-bow!

IMG_3614My Rat Ogre named “Sue”.  He’s ready to bring the pain.
IMG_3616These are going to be my Night Runners,  “The Black Death”.  They are old-ass models, and super ugly.  I’ll see if I can get them painted for next week.



The remaining models are Gutter Runners (Assassin Adepts) and Giant rats.  They can be seen in the first pic.

This warband was built pretty much around models I already had painted for my Skaven army.  I had enough variety of models that I didn’t feel there was much I needed to add.  I have plenty of Night Runners already, but they all have throwing stars and I wanted to use the slings instead.  Of course, that could always change as our campaign progressing through September….

WIP Wednesday, More DP, More Bad Lighting

  So I started working on the skin for a couple of days and realized I needed to get some other colors down in hard to reach spaces before I set myself up for tears later.  I got some paint on the eyes and teeth (eyes still need to be finished, teeth cleaned up, washed, highlighted.)  I also went and put a basecoat down on the majority of the rest of the metals that will become gold later.   Need to get the bone done next.  The loincloth deal can wait for a bit I think, still figuring out colors.  Still clueless on if the wing membranes should be colored differently from the wings themselves.

I made my first attempts at basic highlighting on the skin, I need to add more brightness which I struggle with.  For now it’s the base pink, washed with a mix of red and purple (more heavily in the recesses), base coat reapplied, a 50/50 mix of the base and the first layer pink, then the first layer pink.  It’s easier to see in person but still too subtle to even come close  to “popping.”

20140826_225426-1 20140826_225822-1 20140826_225827-1

Chaple construction continues…

I’ve done a little more work on the chapel. I pulled off the mold from the shingles and it looks pretty good. There are a few tiny bubbles in it that surprised me, but they are really quite small so no worries.

Building the rear section took longer than I expected. I wasn’t really sure about how to incorporate the sloping roof from the main building to the new addition. I originally was going to keep it shorter, but it just seemed to grow on its own. Then I had to cut down the roof height of the extension to make it look more aesthetically pleasing and better shaped.

Now I will need to think about how to dress it to make it match the feel of the chapel. I’ll be edging it in wood (brick seems to heavy for a suspended piece) and I’ll be using another cast for the rear. But the sides are quite broad. I’ll need to add some windows of course. I’ll tackle the dressing next session.  I’ll see how I can use the dormer windows from the mold I made of the original from the kit.

Matching the GW style of wood is going to be a touch tricky since its got such deep grain that is really tightly spaced. I’ve done some testing and I think I have a method that will work well. And the nails on them are really prominent. I may need to use some kind of pins perhaps. They really stick out… ??


2015 Unplugged GT – Save the date

I know it’s early for most people to be thinking about the 2015 Unplugged GT, but as the organizers we have to!  haha.

Next years event will be held on April 25th and 26th.  Same venue.

Tickets will go on sale Jan 1st.  There may be a sign up ahead of that.  If so we’ll let you know here and by email (if you sign up for the mailing list by clinking the link on the left side bar).

Details about scoring, comp and all that jazz will be coming later this year.

Hope to see you all there in 2015!


WIP Wednesday – DE for Crossroads 2014

Hey All,

A true Work in Progress this week.  I am scrambling to paint my models for crossroads after submitting my list last weekend.  My current unpainted list is:

  • Peg + peg rider
  • 10 Dark Riders
  • Dreadlord on Horse
  • Mage on Horse
  • 5 Harpies
  • Movement trays and touch-ups

As you can see, there is plenty to do and only ~2 weeks left.  Tonight, I am working on both the harpies and the Pegasus.  The Pegasus is my very first conversion from over a year ago now.  Looking back on it, its pretty terrible, but the model is assembled and will be played in at least 1 tournament haha.  The peg itself is a chaos chariot horse with re-positioned rear legs and Morathi Pegasus wings.  The rock its on was sourced locally (this makes things sound more delicious as restaurants so maybe works here?) from my backyard.  As you can imagine, this thing is HEAVY.  The main goal is a basic basecoat and wash and I will deal with highlights post-tournament.  Here are the current pics:




Item number 2 on the painting table is my unit of harpies.  These models were graciously provided by Mr. Conroy, and I believe they are demonette bodies and gargoyle wings.  My plan with them is to make them silly and bright.  I chose a bright purple for the wings and a darker purple for the bodies with appropriate highlighting.  Technique is meant for speed here, so I primed white and am basically washing until I reach desired color.  As you can see in the first picture below, I am currently debating between light (left wing) and dark (right wing) on this test model.  Leaning towards dark as it helps even out any inconsistency in priming.  Second pic shows how they “fly” on the bases.  My hope is that this adds just a little bit of pop to my otherwise dark army (and that they look better than my current harpies/beastmen furies made BEFORE I was born).  Let me know what you guys think!




Ethereal Through the Ages

With the 2014 Crossroads GT rapidly approaching, I have a decent amount of painting to accomplish. The first order of business was a pair of Tomb Banshees. I opted to use the “Noisy Ghosts” models from Titan Forge, as they are simply too fun to resist. When I set out to paint them, I got to thinking about the various ways to achieve an Ethereal look.

There are several Ethereal units in my army. I have painted these models at varying points over the past five or so years. Each time I set out to paint one such model, I took a slightly different stylistic approach. My general theme is to use white as a base, with black shading and green glazing. Playing the levels of these three can create rather distinct results.

Crypt Horrors Done - 2

The swirling Banshees on the unit filler for my Crypt Horrors have a strong, uniform green glaze with dark black shading.


The Banshee on my Black Coach model has no green glazing, but has a few spot colors to add interest.

Noisy Ghost - 1

Noisy Ghost - 2

The Noisy Ghosts that I just painted up have a light shading and a light green glaze.

Cairn Wraith

This Cairn Wraith has a transition from white, to green, to black.

Which style does everyone prefer? I seem unable to make up my mind!

Warhammer in New England