WIP Wednesday – UPGT stuff and some D&D minis

This week I’ve been working on some stuff for the Unplugged GT.  Has anyone seen this tournament rules pack Mantic just put out?


It seems like a really good basis for a GT pack.  Obviously some of the details need to be adjusted for a 2 day event.  If you have thoughts about the pack I’d love to hear them.

On the hobby front I’ve been working on some minis for our D&D game.  It’s been quite awhile since I’ve really had time to paint so it felt good to start working on something again.  This is a pack of Kobolds.

2015-11-25 21.18.24

And here are two of our characters, a Dwarf “Ranger” and a Human Mage.  I’ll post more about these two characters perhaps as the minis progress.  I plan to give them a reasonable paint job.  Nothing too over the top with detail but still at a decent level.

2015-11-25 21.18.27

This has been my 2nd experience painting Reaper Bones minis.  Despite what they claim about not having to prime the models, I firmly disagree.  As you can see I started to paint the kobolds a bit and the paint just slid off of them.  Now that the basing material is down next time I sit down to paint I’ll get out the airbrush and hit them with a little primer.

Until next time.


Oops, wrong email

My apologies to anyone who registered for the 2016 Unplugged GT so far.  I had the registration emails going to the right place….. but I got mixed up and was checking the wrong email for them!!

So rest assured your registrations did come in.  I’ll get them posted up to the website tonight most likely.

I thought it was strange was that not a SINGLE person had signed up.  haha.


I hope you have all been having fun playing Kings of War.  I’ve been playing mostly with Abyssals and am getting close to embarking on a re-basing adventure with that army I think.   I’ll probably post soon outlining some of the ideas I have.

AOS Chaos Dwarves

Hey All,

I am starting to paint up an army of evil stunties for the Holy Wars GT in February! I am using the sweet/horrible old Big Hat Chaos Dwarf models with a very Scorpion Green heavy paint scheme.

So far I’ve assembled a 20 pool choice list (using Clash of Swords Comp):
– Bull Centaur Taur’uk
– 2 Daemonsmiths
– Infernal Guard BSB

-10 Infernal Guard Ironsworn
-10 Infernal Guard Fireglaives
-15 (Hob)Goblins
-6 Bull Centaur Renders

-2 Deathshrieker Rocket Launchers
-Dreadquake Mortar


The painting is going slowly, but I have “finished” 5 Infernal Guard Fireglaives (still need to varnish, add gloss varnish and flock the bases).




Let me know what you think,


Zombies & Wraiths

Motivated by the UPGT, I painted up 20 zombies I bought off ebay several years ago. I have settled on a new basing scheme for my Undead KoW army: Mechanicus grey with two highlights and black edge with ‘ard coat, dark green static grass with occasional lighter green tufts and clump foliage. My other 60 zombies are currently getting a facelift of secret weapon washes and updated basing. New Mantic movement trays arrived, and they appear to be a good value. The edges are not has high as GF9 or techtonic craft, but that won’t be an issue as I use rubber steel sheets.



Here is the first half of a wraith troop. I actually painted these around the time of the mega battle, hoping to try the wraith wall in the last game of Warhammer. Now I need the other five painted to get them on the table. I had picked these up from time machine before the portal, so they have been in the box for some time. I went to the Portal yesterday to see if any Mantic models were in stock, and was told they no longer do so as they didn’t sell well, so Wayland games got my business.


Miniature Monday: Longbeard Standard Bearer

As you may know, I have been working on an Age of Sigmar army for the Holy Wars GT in February. The first unit on my painting table is the Dwarf Longbeards. These are easily some of my all time favorite models. I posted a picture of the Musician a while back. Now, I present you with the Standard Bearer. As always, comments and criticisms are welcome!