Border Princes Campaign – Turn 7 Orders

The alliances are starting to get really tricky at this point!  Greg has an army in Pat’s territory, but I forget they were allied so I counted it as Greg’s territory.  I corrected the Turn 6 maps and what not.  I might start listing all the alliances every turn so I can keep track of them, haha.

Many territories became fortified this turn.  Let me step you through what happened.  The High Elves and Daemons have forged some kind of unholy alliance.  The Daemons generally moved away from the shared border while the High Elves shored up their border with the Dogs of War for the coming battles.

The Dogs of War and the Halfling High Elves declared an alliance of their own after their little spat last turn.  The Dogs of War moved back to the road, and claimed another territory.  The Halfling High elves went on the offensive, while trying to capture some more territory.  The Orcs and Goblins had begun to fortify the road but where interrupted when the Halflings attacked!

In the south the Lizardmen hunkered down with fortify orders.  Must be too cold for them or something this week.  The Wood Elves continued their expansion.  One of their orders got lost in translation, so the general commanding the army on tile 92 decided to play it safe and fortify for now, unless the king of the wood elves gets out an immediate emergency translation (hint hint)!! (update – the clarification order came through, the Wood Elves are also moving into the Blood River Bogs).

However, the Dark Elves had different plans for the realm of the Wood Elves.  Both players attempted to move onto the Western side of the river, which will result in a battle.  The Dark Elves also attempted to move into the bogs.  We’ll see what a dangerous terrain test has to say about that.



Battles to fight:

  • Greg vs Peyton
  • Scott C. vs Pat (possible twice if they both pass dangerous terrain tests)

Current alliances:

  • Scott W. & Brian
  • Scott C. & Brian
  • Peyton & Jeff
  • Scott W. & Jon
  • Pat & Greg
  • Scott W. & Peyton

Border Princes Campaign – Turn 6

As the turns begin to roll on some serious empires are starting to emerge.  While the Lizardmen, Wood Elves, Orcs and Goblins and Dark Elves continue to expand their large empires, the Halfling High Elves go on the offensive.  Starting wars on both fronts they attack both the Dogs of War headquarters as well as a critical crossroad with a bridge currently held by the Orcs and Goblins.  The Orcs were hastily attempting to Fortify the bridge but were attacked before the preparations could be completed, while the Dogs of War moved back into positions at their headquarters to defend against the elves.

On a more Southern front the Dark Elves and Wood Elves begin setting up a stalemate, with each side issuing Fortify orders to create a defensive territory on the border between the two forces.

The High Elves in the Northwest move to claim the last easily accessible open territory while Fortifying the mountains against further attacks from the Daemons.



On the Western front the Halfling High Elves were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Dogs of War.  Hot Pots took huge holes out of Skycutters, forcing them to the ground where the Dogs of War infantry could put an end to them.  The High Elves were forced to retreat.

The Halfling High Elves fared much better on the Eastern front.  The Orcs and Goblins were utterly routed – the Eagle Eye bolt throwers proving to be too much for the weak goblin forces.  The Orc banner was Scattered and forced to retreat back to their capital.  Thankfully, the Orcs had captured a territory with one of their other armies so they still control enough territory to maintain the Scattered banner.

Looks like the uncontested advances of the Lizardmen are paying off, putting them in a small lead as the largest empire.




Border Princes Campaign – Turn 5

Yikes, these maps sure do take a long time to update when you are trying to do 4 turns at a time!

Anyway, check out the map for the turn 5 orders.



Peyton is on the offensive, pressing into Jeff’s land after a failed attempt at an Alliance by Jeff.  Jon and Scott both moved to take the same territory, resulting in another battle for the bitter enemies.  Everyone else is pretty much continuing to grab land.

Once again the High Elves and Daemons of Chaos clashed on the battlefield.  Once again the Daemons came out as victors, although by only a small margin this time.  The highlight of the game was the High Elf mage exploding into mighty Herald of Khorne, which then proceeded to cut down 2 chariots.  The High Elf army retreated.




At the end of this turn the players who all went for a land grab strategy add yet another banner to their empires.  Some are starting to get quite the lead at this point!

WIP Wednesday – Something New

Howdy All,

So tonight I bring you something only slightly related to Warhammer.  Recently, a group of us started a new D+D group using the 5E ruleset.  I have never done something like this, and decided I would like to see how it works.  After some brief discussions with Jon, I chose my very first character.  A gnome warlock named Joolius Sparkgiver.

Joolius grew up on the city streets, stealing his way from meal to meal, following the murder of his family and arson of his home from some undesirable person.  Filled with vengeance, he made it his life long quest to hunt down whoever murdered his family.  Naturally, he pursued dark magic and made a pact with the gods in exchange for the ability to wield the dark forces.

In our group, Joolius is known for being sneaky, having a large appetite and frankly being quite rude.  However, when combat strikes, his Eldrich Blast can slay even the scariest of foes.

Part of the reason I wanted to try out D+D is that the older 4th Ed ruleset played like a miniature game, with much less structure, statistics and filth-mongering.  I knew I would need a minature to represent my character so I turned to the keeper of all gnomes, halflings and dwarves in the miniature universe, Peyton.

Peyton scoured his collection and was so gracious to provide me with this:


This model is perfect to represent Joolius, it really captures his devious side but has some comical elements to it.

As far as painting goes, I wanted to go with something fun and try some colors I haven’t used before.  I sat down on Sunday evening and did the basecoating. Yesterday I did washes and highlighting which gets me to here:




At this point, I just need to finish up the basing and varnish.  He will surly be ready for our next session.  I am also of thinking of using him as a lower level caster in my DE army, hence the similar basing scheme,  Let me know what you all think.

Happy painting!


Border Princes Campaign – Turn 4

While most realms made expansion moves, a few tried to move armies into better positions.

Jon moved an army up to shore up a hole in his lines.  Scott W. moved to take that tile over!  We have our first battle!




The entire group gathered around to witness the first battle of the campaign.  Jon and Scott W. had both attempted to enter an empty territory.  The winner would gain control of the territory, while the loser would be pushed back in a forced retreat.  With hecklers all around the two forces arrayed for battle.  It was a battle of pure filth at 500 points.  Infernal Gateway squared off against Banner of the World Dragon.  Beasts of Nurgle against Dragon Princes.  In the end, the Daemons would win the day and scatter the High Elves back to their capital.


With this a number of realms were able to raise a new army.  Brian, Greg, Pat and Scott C. all managed to get 6+ territories under their control.  Having that extra army could be a huge advantage!  Jeff and Jon were off to slow starts, although now Jon had the High Elves on the run (or did he?).  Jeff finally managed to raise his second army banner, finally overcoming a string of bad dangerous terrain rolls attempting to navigate the mountains around his headquarters.

Stay turned for turns 5 and 6.

Border Princes Campaign – Turn 3

Another fairly uneventful turn as things are getting kicked off.  The only potential combat was between Jon and Scott W, and they decided to avoid that inevitable fight.  Jon fortified the Elven tower of Toranrok and Scott moved to claim another nearby territory.  In other news, Jeff failed another dangerous terrain test!  Those mountains are getting to be an issue.

Brian also made alliances with both Scott W. and Scott C.



Border Princes Campaign – Turn 2

Turn 2 has been completed.  These turns go fast since there can’t be any battle.  Future turns will probably need to be 2 posts, one for the moves and one for the results.

The Dogs of War were finally able to make some progress getting through those mountains.  Everyone else gained an additional army banner this turn, starting at their capital.  The only other thing of note was that the Daemons of Chaos capture Toranrok, the Elven citadel.


Warhammer in New England