2014 Unplugged GT – April Update

As we approach the month leading into the event we are beginning to wrap up some of the details.


The scenarios have been updated as promised.  The big changes are that the Watchtower based scenario is no more.  It’s been replaced with a “target of opportunity” type scenario.  Round 5 also got a “gamble” system for bonus points.

The scenarios need minor word tweaking for clarity in places but there should be no major changes from here on out.  Take notice of the focus on Fortitude points.  You’ll have trouble scoring bonus points without them.


Everyone on the wait list that we were able to take in by adding more tables has paid up, so that brings us up to 72 registered/paid players.  We will continue to contact others on the wait list as/if places open up.


If you have any dietary restrictions for lunch on Saturday please let me know.  We will do our best to accommodate.  Only a handful of people have let me know so far (which might be everyone, but I just wanted to put it out there one more time).

Appearance Judging

Remember to sign up for detailed appearance judging if that is something you want (use the form on the Appearance Judging page).

Primer event

I will be running an Unplugged GT primer event at The Battle Standard in Manchester, CT on May 3rd.  Space is limited, but it is open to the public.  If you wish to attend email me or post on the forums to sign up.


WIP Wednesday – Sisters of Averlorn

Just a quick update.  This is what’s on my painting desk tonight.

I have done the metals and gems.  I’m working on the leathers currently.  Hopefully they’ll be done next week sometime.

I like the way this sister came out,  but when I tried to duplicate it on the others it didn’t come out quite the same and I’m not as happy with the others.  However, these models are going to be colorful and the dark leathers will probably get lost in the background so I’m not too worried about it.

2014 Unplugged GT – April Update

Lets keep this short and sweet.  The 2014 Unplugged GT has sold out of tickets and even has a strong wait-list.  We think this is super exciting.  We’re really happy you’ve all decided to come spend the weekend gaming with us!

To commemorate we are going to up the stakes a little bit.  We’ll be adding a catered lunch on Saturday (free of charge).  I don’t have the details completed ironed out yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be great.  If you have dietary restrictions please let me know so we can make special arrangements.

Keep an eye on the scenarios.  The replacement isn’t worked out yet but we will be dropping our “Blood and Watchtowers” scenario.  It’s not because of the scenario, it’s the burden putting a building on every table placers on our terrain team and restricts our creativity with table layouts.

And last but not least, we are working to open up some more tables at the event.  We’ll be starting with 8 more spots and see how it goes from there.  If you are currently on the wait-list you’ll be contacted individually.


WIP Wednesday – More DE

Another Wednesday another WIP!  This time I show my now completed corsair unit, which was last week’s WIP as well as this week’s project.  I am redoing 5 cold one knights for UPGT as I am sick of the current painted models not ranking up.  In the following pics you can see how I used some cork to get some different heights to make it all work out.





And as promised…the finished corsairs.







Let me know what you guys think!

WIP Wednesday – Dice Bags

After many years of being a Warhammer Wife and occasionally a Warhammer Widow… (- I mean, comm’on ladies. We all know Warhammer is the other woman in our relationships with these guys!)  (…like there’s ladies reading this…sheesh) I’ve come to support my husband and his buds in their gaming habits.

Recently, Jon asked if I could make him a bigger dice bag because he was hauling around so many they LITERALLY didn’t fit in his any more. So, I took the idea and customized it to his requirements.

The crocheted pouches below are wider and taller, and also sit open wide-mouthed for easy grabbing of much needed die, markers, maybe a tape measure, etc. I also wove in the club’s logo (UPG with an outlet and a plug), because what’s cooler than that?

Do you like?? Pat’s already ordered his after seeing them in person.

I’m considering taking orders at the G.T. Do you think there’ll be interest?


Yours Truly, Kat

Warhammer in New England